Sunday, July 09, 2006


The weekend went by way too fast. I feel like it was just Friday. And this week is going to be a busy week for Ray and I. We both have various meetings (I am on the parent advisory council at daycare and Ray is going to some town meeting) plus I have my first concert on Friday night for the community concert band I am in.

We started Audrey on solids now twice a day. She eats solids for lunch as well as dinner time. And she actually pooped today (the pear juice helped). She is definitely not like her sister in that regards. Audrey can go a couple of days between poops. And it doesn't seem to bother her. She went a whole week when she was born. We finally took both girls to the pool yesterday as we had never taken Audrey. I think the water was a little cold for her, but she did enjoy kicking her feet.

Here's a picture of Audrey in her ultrasaucer from this morning. She loves being in it, especially when her sister is around to watch her.

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Elleoz said...

I so want to join a community band here. What do you play?