Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Favorite Store

First, a few maintenance items. I finally updated my blogroll. It still doesn’t encompass all the blogs I read (yes, I a lot of free time at work!), but I got tired of typing them all in. To those of you who blog – I love reading them, don’t ever stop.

I know, another picture of me (just in case my parents forgot what I looked like). This is from that weekend in NYC with the Moms’ for their birthdays. Yes, that is an alcoholic drink at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Yea for me.

So onto my favorite store – Target. I needed a few items from there last night, so off the whole family went to Target. Ashley had to use the bathroom since a) she had a cup of milk with dinner and b) she feels it necessary to use all public bathrooms. Anyways, I go in the family bathroom (I love places that have those) and sit her on the potty. She proceeds to tell me the following:

“Mommy, Zachary holds his cooch at school.”

Yes, I have taught Ashley that her private part is her cooch. Bad Mom.

“No, honey. Boys don’t have cooches.”
“Yes, they do.”
“Fine, they do then.”

I gave in since I didn’t want to come up with a word for the boy part and I also didn’t feel like arguing with a three year old in the family restroom at Target.


Michele_3 said...

That was funny!
She is doing so great with the potty thing- My 3 year old was doing it constantly for awhile & now he tells me "no more potty Mama" I'm trying to encourage him but he doesn't want to go on it..
I'm not sure what's going on- If he is taking a break or what-
I hope it doesn't last long though..LOL!

Bugs Mommy said...

Too funny! I still haven't come up with a name for that part yet...I keep calling it her front butt...LOL

CPA Mom said...

I love Target too. Which is why I never go. Kind of need the funds...ahem. Have a great time in Myrtle Beach!! I've never been. What do you do there?

hokieddd said...

You got to use the word "Doodle" like we do with Ethan! He knows that he has one and so does Daddy! I find it funny to tell Matt about his "Doodle".