Monday, October 30, 2006

Where Do I Begin

You would think that after having one kid your parenting skills or "sick" radar would improve. Audrey had a slight cold and wasn't really sleeping all that well. Then Thursday night she would only sleep if one of us was holding her and had a fever that was remedied with Tylenol. Repeat and rinse for Friday night except Tylenol (and or Motrin) was not helping the fever. And holding a nine month while trying to sleep just does not work. So after 2 nights of virtually no sleep, I took Audrey to the doctor on Saturday morning. I know, I know, she had the classic signs of an ear infection. Like I said earlier, I should have realized this on Friday. But Ashley had only one ear infection as an infant and Audrey hasn't been sick until this point. So yes, she has it bad in one ear and sort of bad in the other. She was pretty pathetic on Saturday, sleeping most of the day away. Sunday she was a different child. Although the sleeping hasn't gotten any better. I don't know if she is used to us holding her now, but I don't think I can survive another night like last night (or Saturday night, or Friday night, or Thursday night). She has no fever anymore, but last night we would get her to sleep in her crib only to have her wake back up in an hour screaming. What fun. Any advice?

Other than that, the weekend was jam-packed with parents visiting (thanks Dad and Diane!), Halloween parades on our street, haunted houses for the kiddies, a costume party at my neighbors house, Christmas pictures (which will be continued due to Audrey having an adverse reaction to the Christmas tree), and our town's fall festival which Ray and I both had to work at. Pictures will hopefully be up tomorrow.


Rachel said...

Awww, bless her little heart. Maybe laying her in her crib, where she is laying flat, is making her earache worse? I really don't know, my oldest has only had 2 her entire life and the baby hasn't had any. If Audrey is anything like Alyssa, she starts out the night on one side of the crib and ends up far far away from that spot, but maybe you could try elevating one side of her mattress. Hope this helps and I hope Audrey feels much better soon.

j&jberggren said...

LOTS AND LOTS OF COFFEE!! Jeremy had 5 ear infections between 6 and 9 months of age!!! He not only would not sleep in any other position than up and down on my shoulder but he would only calm down and sleep if I held him like that....standing up!!! Try sleeping like that!!! My sympathies are with you and I hope, for your sake, that Audrey just has this one infection. Jeremy had one end of his mattress elevated most of his life due to his ear infections. I think that it helped a little but every time he had one it was about 3-4 nights of no sleep and I just wanted to DIE at work!!! I was so tired! I wish I could give you better advice is just part of life with an ear infected kid. Good luck and I hope you get some sleep!

Michele_3 said...

Poor Baby! I hope she gets well quickly-
I know what you mean, It doesn't get any better- My son is 3 & when he had strep throat he wanted to sleep on me every night & day for 3 days straight- I knew he definitely did not feel well-(He usually is a Firecracker)

What a jam packed weekend!
sounds like your neighborhood is very busy! Sounds fun though!

Take Care~

Stacey said...

I agree with Rachel...try elevating her. My daughter had several ear infections in a row between about 6 and 9 months, but I honestly don't remember now how the sleeping went. I think we were just up a lot, trying to get her back to sleep. Good luck to you!

CPA Mom said...

I wish I did have advice for you. Tigger has had 14 ear infections but nothing consistently worked with him when he was in pain. Just give the maximum dose of medication and hope for the best. I did a lot of sleeping on the futon in his room with him. Oh, his doctor did give us some pain numbing drops for the ear that worked well.

Erin said...

Awwww, so sorry to hear about Audrey! I hope you get some much needed sleep soon!