Thursday, December 28, 2006

First Sleepover

Last night, we went to our friends Julie and Jeff's house for dinner and more presents. And since their daughter Jordan stayed with us for a weekend a while back, Ashley has been begging to have a sleepover. So she spent the night.

I get this email at work at about 10:45am from Julie:

so jordan is a complete wreck. ashley is fine. however, I must have
scratched jordan when dressing her and jordan said to stop hurting
her and then ashley said you hurt her.
i told her it was an accident whatever happened.
i think that is all you should know at this point.

Poor Jordan. She's not used to getting up at the butt ass crack of dawn like my daughter. Then around noon, Julie calls on her way to McDonald's with the girls. She said they were discussing their drink options, and how they both wanted chocolate milk. Then Jordan asked what if they only have one. To which Ashley replied that she could drink soda, but she can't have beer as there is no beer at McDonald's. Yes, we have schooled our daughter on which eating establishments have beer and which don't....Sounds like Ashley is doing just fine.

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EC said...

Ah - the fun of being young ;)

I'm not ready for sleepovers yet - you both have a lot more courage than me! ;)