Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Many Faces of Ashley

Concerned Ashley
Happy Ashley
Mad and I'm trying not to laugh Ashley
And a special treat, a rare picture of Mom with the girls and their new scarves knitted by Grandma Fuzzy.
So those pictures of Ashley and all her faces? Those are a good indication of the past week we have had with her. One minute she is happy go-lucky, the next whiny, bratty three year old. And I mean bratty in the nicest of terms. One day Ray didn't even leave the house until almost 9:00 am (Ashley's class starts at 8:45 am) because Ashley was throwing a fit over nothing, over and over and over again. I was home with the kids on Friday and Ashley spent most of the morning in her room for doing something bad. And I hate it. I want to spend as much time as I can with her, but she is so testing our limits right now. For example, we went out to lunch on Saturday. Ashley started to get too loud, and I told her to be a little quieter. That only made her scream louder until I had to threaten and then take her to the car. She is stubborn (just like someone else I know whose name starts with "R" and ends in "Y" and has a "A" somewhere in the middle) and headstrong and all of this is mentally draining. I envy SJ, who has a son who is getting into everything...can we trade for a day??!!
Last night was better though, she seemed to listen a little better, so maybe last week was a phase. Or let's hope it was.
Tomorrow - news on how I almost killed Ray last weekend and my Weight Loss update!


Happy Working Mom said...

Ashley sounds just like my daughter right now! She is so testing us and I'm the one feeling like screaming! My daughter has such an attitude now...she is stomping off when she doesn't get her way, throwing things down if she doesn't like them, etc. And I know what you mean about sending them to time-out when all you really want to do is play with them! I reall hope they grow out of this phase soon (but I'm guessing it lasts the next 15 years?)

Anonymous said...

Is that why I have to look forward to? Great...thanks for the warning!!

Um...so, WHY are you on Weight Watchers'? You don't look like you need to lose any weight.

Hope this week is better than last.

That Chick Over There said...

You are your daughters are just adorable.

As a bonus, I totally loved your striped socks.

The end.

CPA Mom said...

I feel your pain. Tigger had to get out of the tub for mouthing off to me last night. He cried and cried and cried.

Love the new look!

EC said...

Join the moms club of any 3 year old, lol. My son does that... one minute he is as cute as can be and the next minute I'm taking away the tv, the train, the bookbag, the dessert and anything else I can think of, lol.

Rachel said...

Sweetie, it is definitely a phase and, unfortunately, one that will come and go. She's becoming more independent and she's just testing her limits. She's not trying to be "bad", she doesn't really know how yet. She's just learning more about herself and she probably sometimes just has a hard time telling you (with words that is) how she feels and so acting out is what happens.

It will get better though. Love the pics, Ashley looks just like you!

my4kids said...

Thanks for comming by and leaving a comment on my blog!

Oh and I have to agree with Rachel. I have 4 kids 6,8,10 and 11 and we have been through the 3's (and 2's, and 4's and 5's, etc, lol) with all of them honestly certain parts of it get better as they get better at explaining things to you. Although I can't say they will never throw temper tantrums or have bad attitudes after that, the main difference is if you calm them down they are better at explaining what is wrong.

I will have to read back on your blog as well, cute kids!

stepmomof2 said...

Hi, thanks for the comment on my blog. Your family is beautiful! I understand the moody child because that is what we have been going through with Abi(my eight year old stepdaughter). I never know what to expect anymore, lol.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

LOVE the new look!

I hear you on the testing of Mommies everywhere. Mine is on a food strike. Nothing I'm trying works.

How nice to see a picture of you with the girls...dig on those scarves.

Happy Working Mom said...

I Love the new look!!!!

Christine said...

I LOVE the new look!
LOL! Reading the post about Audrey eating a whole Cinnamon roll, reminds me of Lindsey, who's discovered how much she loves to eat.
That is such a cute pic of you and the girls. Love the socks and the scarves.

Nikki said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yeah, we're in Fredericksburg VA ....and I see you live in NC. My husband and I grew up there...but in two totally different places.

It's been weird meeting you LOL.

Stop by anytime.

...and Ashley is a CUTIE!

Working Mom said...

I'm so glad Bug got out of that phase. It's a hard one to deal with! Now she's into ignoring me when I tell her to do something *sigh*

Love the new look!

SJ said...

So where's my scarf from Grandma Fuzzy?! They are awecome, I love them! And the picture of you and your girls is delightful. And please tell me, what's up with the name Grandma Fuzzy? Just curious...

Is that Nascar you have on TV? Love the stripped socks...and now that I've totally over analyzed the photo - let me say...

You are more then welcome to take Isaac who gets into everything. I'll trade him for Ashley the Stubborn one anytime! That boy wears.me.out.

I like to think about it like this - Ashley is like my Isaac as Audrey is like my Keven Jr. The exception is, Ashely is older, Isaac is younger. That means I'm in for it in due time....your time is almost coming to a close. If that made ANY sense.

Bethany said...

Oh how I can relate! EBaby has been a complete brat lately (of course in a loving way I say BRAT).
I can't stand it. Full on tantrums, with feet flailing and all. Where did my sweet baby go?

Susan said...

I really like your new design. And the cute pix of your girls.

Susan @ Working Moms Against Guilt