Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good weather

Hooray! It's going to almost 80 degrees today and tomorrow.

Hooray! For the time change.

Can you tell I like warm weather? This past weekend was beautiful, we played outside most of the time. And for those of you not in the bible belt (I was told by one of my neighbors that there are three religions here in Raleigh; Methodist, Baptist, and Basketball), this past weekend it was the ACC tournament. On Saturday, Virginia Tech made it to the third round to play NC State. And since Ray wanted to be outside and watch the game, this is what he did.

Just call us rednecks, go ahead. I can take it.

Oh, and Audrey? Goes to bed SO FREAKIN' easy now (sippy cup, book, get into crib, nigh-night, leave, and goes to sleep). Whew. Ashley was easy to put to bed also, but she did that much earlier than Audrey started doing it. And Audrey is almost walking. She took a good 10-15 steps unassisted on Saturday and will walk holding onto one hand. Everyone keeps telling us to enjoy her not walking while we can, but honestly, we would rather have her walking. She will be so much happier.


ktjrdn said...

Oh My God. That looks heavy! Was it hard to move out there? I'm excited about the weather too. this weekend was good, but it's supposed to get up to 76 today! We spent all of yesterday outside after work. the kids had a blast. yay for spring!

Anonymous said...

80 degrees??!! Pfftt...I was happy it reached 50 here yesterday!! Took Morgan outside in a lighter coat and walked up and down the driveway. I'm SO jealous!!

LOVE the tv on the deck.

Glad Audrey is going to bed easier now and horray for walking....

Happy Working Mom said...

Holy cow, good thing my hubby doesn't read these and won't see how nice that TV looks out there on the deck! I'm glad you guys are so warm! We are actually going to get up to 73 today, but then flurries by the weekend again :(

And that's so awesome about Audrey going to sleep so easy...that just makes life a lot easier! And I'm totally with you on the walking thing...people would ALWAYS make those comments to us and we'd tell them we're much happier when they're walking. For our first they would tell us "just wait", at least now with the second they shut their traps.

EC said...

It is going to be gorgeous today - we're off to the park soon - yay!

LOL at the TV, That is a true fan :)

I can't get into to college basketball must to the dismay to just about everyone I talk to, lol.

CPA Mom said...

69 today, 75 tomorrow and Wednesday, back in the low 60's after that. I'm so ready for spring!

(we have the exact same storage unit on our back porch)

Edie C said...

Call me crazy, I'm just jealous you have screens on your windows. It would be so nice to open the windows and get some fresh air inside the house on these beautiful days!!

Rachel said...

The weather has been awesome here too!! It is going to be 80 today also and 70's most of the week!! Whoooohooooo for spring!

I HATE the time change though. The last two nights, I haven't gotten to sleep before midnight, so I'm runnin on empty.

We live in an apartment so our balcony is no where near that size and we have a tv and a stereo out there. The other night the Tigers (Memphis, that is) were playing and the channel they showed it on, we do not get, so Chris sat outside and listened to it on the radio, lol.

Glad Audrey is walking!!! That is so great, she'll be running before you know it.

By the way, GO TIGERS!!! No. 2 seed in the NCAA tourney, yeah!

Beccy said...

Wow, tv outside and warmth. I thought the weather was nice here till I saw that!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

He moved the TV.

That right there...devotion my friend.

We do that here for baseball games too when it's nice so I won't call you a redneck.

Casey's on DAY 11 with no bottle for bedtime and I'm LOVING it.

Go A! Go A! Go-go go A!

frannie said...

love the outside tv! that was hilarious!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...


If you put the TV in the driveway at night, you could have a red-neck drive-in.

Julie said...

I love the tv on the deck! My friend does that at her house in the summer and shows movies for the neighborhood kids. OK, that sounded really weird but it's totally on the up and up. The kids love it!

SJ said...

Yay for awesome weather! We have been having fantastic weather too and well, I just KNOW that snow is lurking around the corner. I'm not letting my guard down yet!

And the TV on the deck? AWESOME! George Mason lost against VCU so no March Madness in our house this year. The cinderella story is over, so sad.

I'm glad that Audrey is close to walking, and am totally jealous that she goes to sleep (in her crib) so easily. Isaac put himself to sleep, and I'm down with that, however he hates his crib. ARG!

Christine said...

Audrey will be walking before you know it! Lindsey's all over now! The kids chase her and she loves running, well as fast as her little feet can carry her! Yea, you could say she's happier not to be crawling anymore.
LOL! I think that's great. TV on the deck. That's one way to get fresh air! :)

Kelly M said...

Wow...send that weather up to NY..PLEASE!! Like Kellie said..it did get about 55 here today..but I would rather have 80 degrees! As for the TV on the deck...way too funny!! LOVE IT!!

Lost A Sock said...

Holy Moses!! Before you said he moved it out there to watch the game, I was seriously contemplating how you guys keep that thing outside in the elements, and free from being stolen.

How fun!