Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I need to get my act together (aka Ashley needs to go to bed on time)

Normally after the kids go to bed each night, my schedule includes all or some of the following:

Exercising (running on the treadmill or doing a work out video)
Prepping dinner for the following night
Studying for the teacher's exam
Doing schoolwork
Watching the few shows I still manage to watch (anyone watch Dancing with the Stars last night?!)
Cleaning up dishes, house, fold laundry
Mini-sewing project (making curtains for most of my house)

For the past couple of months though, I can't seem to get my act together. I will be really good one week getting dinners done, then the next week not so much. One week I exercise, the next I eat Weight Watchers ice cream every night. I have been trying to at least study for the exam since it's in April for 45 minutes a night, but some nights even that is hard. And TV watching? We are three weeks behind on Lost and two weeks behind on the Amazing Race. The only reason I am caught up on American Idol is because I can fast forward through all the CRAPPY performances. I have been good at getting dinners made these past two weeks, only because now that it's nice outside and light later, the kids want to go out as soon as possible. It is really easy to just pop something into the oven.

And maybe I can't seem to get it together because we are battling with Ashley at bedtime. She just won't.stay.in.her.room. We feel like we have tried everything from taking TV time away to taking toys away to reward charts. Last night Ray wasn't home (congrats to his brother Sean and now wife Krystal on their marriage!) so I was battling with Ashley. I get so frustrated with her and end up yelling and stomping out of her room and then immediately feeling guilty for losing control of my anger. And then I end up crying and she sees it which I know isn't good. I hate losing control of my anger, I don't want to do that and it sucks.


ktjrdn said...

We did that for a while with Ally too. Most of the time now, we're ok, but still have occasional bad nights. If you want to talk about what we did to help, drop me an email. I'm not going to offer un-solicited advice. But, know that it's something most people have to go through. It makes you feel like crap anyway though, doesn't it?

That Chick Over There said...

1) Weight Watchers ice cream is good. :)

2) I don't know what to tell you about Ashley. Both of my kids REALLY enjoy sleeping (they take after me!). Therefore, I will make a lame reference to the program Supernanny.

It seems like on Supernanny they just repeatedly take the child back to bed. It seems like it works on there, but of course that could just be the magic of television.

I'm sorry you are going through it though! :(
Also, sorry I'm not help whatsoever.

Happy Working Mom said...

I can't believe how much stuff you get done after the kids are in bed! Good for you!

I don't have any suggestions for Ashley because my daughter can be the same way...which is part of the reason she doesn't go to bed until 11:00. I just get so sick of fighting...I know exactly what you're feeling! And the guilt...well, don't get me started :)

Working Mom said...

I'm with happy working mom....wow, you do alot after the kids are in bed! I say I'm going to all this stuff and what do I end up doing? Sitting on my butt watching tv!!

That's a toughie with the bedtime. Bug's always been pretty good with it. **knock on wood** I will say that I end up getting frustrated over alot of things and end up yelling and then feel tremendously guilty. It kills me.

Anonymous said...

You're one busy girl :)

I can't offer help with the sleep issue as my daughter's only 14 months old. Sounds like you've tried a lot of ways to get her to stay in bed.

God, I'm a sucky comment leaver...sorry :(

Wendy said...

I am so sorry that you have to deal with that every night! My son was a good sleeper once he turned 2 but I have a feeling we are going to get it with my daughter! She is almost 9 months but very stubborn and a horrible sleeper! I wish that I had some amazing advice for you but I am not good at ths sleeping thing! I just end up letting them stay up becaus I get sick of fighting! I know, no the best idea! I am glad that Wesley go over that!

Edie C said...

You sound like you had about as good of a night last night as I did yesterday afternoon. Kids can be so frustrating at times. I don't really have any magical advise for getting Ashley to stay in the bed. Maybe a good bribe or two? (hey, if it works, you know?) As far as the feeling guilty part, I know the feeling. I get very angry sometimes and start to yell and I feel horrible about it. You have good intentions and you are a WONDERFUL mother. It wouldn't be normal if they didn't drive us to our breaking points sometimes. Hang in there!!

Beccy said...

You're a real busy bee, I'm so tired in the evening that I just veg out. As for sleeping, mine are very good but I am quite strict if they get out of bed it's straight back and I won't engage in chit chat with them.

Julie said...

I remember going thru the same thing with Abby when she was about Ashley's age. It lasted about 3 months and I thought I was going to die. She would throw every excuse at us to get out of bed. We eventually instituted a reward chart - she got a sticker in the morning if she stayed in her bed. At first 5 stickers got her a treat, then we pushed it to 10 and eventually she had the habit down and we could loose the chart all together. Maybe it would work for Ashley?

Oh, and I cannot believe you are organized to prep for the next night's dinner in advance. I usually am trying to figure out what to cook that night as I pull in the driveway. Kudos to you! I watched a little of Dancing last night. Billy Ray Cyrus was awful but I so heart Joey Fatone - he cracks me up.

Vicki said...

First let me say..

Girlfriend I feel your pain!

My son, now 13, was just the same as your Ashely. Sounds as if you and I are in the same boat. By our reactions and by our children's behavior.

They live through it because we have more good days than bad. When the bad start to out weigh the good then lets talk.

I have advice you'd like it. I know tricks. =)

my4kids said...

I'm jealous you get dinner prepped the night before. Half the time I am still trying to figure tonights dinner on the drive home.
I don't really have any advice about bedtime though. 3 kids go to bed fairly well. Joshua on the other hand I have fought since he was 2 nothing has ever worked for him. The others fall asleep on the couch if not sent to bed by 8:30 at the latest.

Rachel said...

Good Lord you do alot at night! I wish I could help you with your sleeping problem with Ashley, but Kaylie and Haley go to bed and only get up to go to the bathroom.

It could be that she's getting older and maybe her bedtime is too early?

Sorry I'm no help with this one.

CPA Mom said...

We never had that problem with the kids (great, now I've jinxed myself).

Of course, we always put them down and shut the door and the inside door handle has a baby safety handle on it so they cannot open it themselves. Once they fall asleep, I open their door a little so if they wake up and need me, they can get out. I never keep it shut when I am sleeping (safety hazard).

You know very well from reading my blog that I know what you mean about losing your temper. Hang in there.

HoodiaPharm HungerAway said...

Don't worry about it so much, everyone loses control once in a while! And... you are doing a lot better than some people I know (like me, lol)!

SJ said...

I struggle with bedtime with Keven Jr. as well - but usually it's because I'm so busy trying to get stuff done that time slips away from me! But anyway, once we nailed down a routine, one that he enjoyed, we rarely have issues.

Is she just stalling? Not tired? Afraid she's going to miss something? It really sucks when you lose your temper and yell, I know that feeling, and I don't like it either.

Way to go on all your accomplishments you busy lady!

Heather said...

Damn, I'm feeling mighty unproductive as half the time, after the kids are in bed, I collapse on the couch. Maybe I get some laundry done and my son's lunch made for the next day.

As for the sleeping thing, every kids seems to go through that getting out of bed thing. I too have a story and I'd be happy to share.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - thought I would reciprocate and visit you ;-). You've been bookmarked - I'll be back (and your kids are gorgeous!)

Jippy said...

Every now and then I give in to Zach and lay down with him for a few hours or I make him stay by me when I do what I have to do. I think it goes in cycles and he needs more mommy time and then he's ok for a while again. Then I had the bright idea to give him the more mommy time away from bed time. Sometimes it works. Sometimes nothing does.
Good luck.

Lost A Sock said...

You are one disciplined mama with how much you accomplish at night! I suppose you're better off with the WW ice cream than a blizzard, eh? :O)

Bedtime is when I manage to lose it from time to time as well. Days are long, we know our kids need sleep, and God help us if they don't fight it until the last waking second...

Kelly M said...

I'm so with you on the 3 weeks behind LOST episodes! I am as well! And well all my other shows...why do I even bother tapping them?? I jut keep adding to the DVR every week! As for Dancing with the stars..yes I did kinda watch it last night. Some were pretty funny! Won't give it away though!

As for getting your act together..you seem to have quite a bit on your plate at the moment...maybe you are just overwhelmed with all you are trying to get done?? Maybe try splitting up the todo's to every monday I do this and tuesday this...etc. If tht makes sense to you...lighten your load a bit.

Which teaching exams are you taking/studying for? As for the exams I took there really wasn't much you could do for them as far as studying..but maybe I could help out a little or give you some tips (if I remember).

As for getting Ashley to bed...sorry I got nothing...no experience with this..maybe read before she goes to bed...no idea..sorry :(

Good Luck

Michele_3 said...

First of all, you sound a lot like me right now..I am always doing a ton of things before bed & never anything I really want to be doing-more things I need to do!
(It is an exhausting cycle you get stuck in right? )Hang in there, things will let up & you will catch up on things soon! your a great Mom doing the best you can!

I'm a few weeks behind on Lost, Although I did catch last weeks & that is one you might want to go watch online- Really good one!

We are fighting w/ my litte man to go to bed as well-NOT FUN!
When you find the answer, please let me know- It truly can be exhausting! I fully understand!