Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Pictures

I am a slacker, I know. But every.night.this.week has been something. Tuesday soccer, Wednesday tutoring and haircut, Thursday band. Even when I got home from band practice at 9:00pm last night, Ray had to go back out and meet clients. It's just been one of those weeks. Ashley has been sad she hasn't gotten to play with her friends more, Audrey begs to go outside as soon as we get home. Oh, and work is sucking too. My every other Friday off has been taken away. I am glad it's Friday.

So of course no new pictures have been downloaded, so here are some more pics from our last weekend at the beach.

Ashley and her best friend Hayden.

Yes, she is wearing a Sunshine Designs shirt here. And yes, it says Birthday Princess. And no, it wasn't her birthday.

Sometimes she likes the sand, sometimes not.

These kids love rides.

We are not sure if Audrey is our child. She doesn't really like ice cream.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Morgan's my kid...she's not real sure of ice cream, too.

Great pics. Sorry you're so busy. Maybe a vacation is needed?? :)

Julie said...

Sorry to hear things are so hectic! Sounds a tad bit like my schedule will be next week - I"m not looking forward to it.

Sunshine said...

I guess you were right when you said she's want to wear the shirt every day!

Maybe we need to go the Alice in Wonderland route and make her a "It's my UNbirthday" shirt! lol

lisa's chaos said...

Sounds like your week has not been fun. Looks like you all had fun at the beach though. She doesn't like ice cream? What's wrong with the girl? :)

Happy Working Mom said...

Why did they take away your every-other-Friday-off???

I hope it slows down for you...will you get to rest this weekend?

Rachel said...

Ok, Alyssa would eat her weight in ice cream. Granted, that's not much, but still.

Love the pictures!!

Shari said...

I don't mind your slackiness when I get to see such cuteness in pictures. Not that it's my place to mind anyway.

ChrisB said...

What a shame your alt. Fri's have been taken away (why is that?) but at least getting to Friday means you have the weekend to look forward to. These are beautiful photos.

Christine said...

Sounds like you've had a very busy week.

I wonder if Lindsay's my kid...she spits ice cream out. Maybe she doesn't like the cold.

Beautiful photos.
Sorry to hear your Friday's were taken away. That reall sucks.
Have a great weekend.

my4kids said...

Wow Ashley is dark! Love the beach pictures.....As for Audrey I'm sure she'll grow to like it....what kind of person doesn't like ice cream?

Beccy said...

Doesn't like ice cream? Oh well all the more for you then!

Pam said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you have your Disney trip coming up soon, maybe that will help with all the business right now. Sorry your week was not fun- hope it gets better soon!

SJ said...

Looks like you had fun at the beach, your girls are adorable.

And she's not sure of ice cream? That's crazy.

frannie said...

not like ice cream?

then just so you know, she isn't my child either! :)

wolfbaby said...

lol my youngest is like that to.. more though she does not like to be fed, she will not let you feed her... but she will happly play in the food herself;)