Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Information Blogging

I know I have a few teachers that read this site as well as parents with school aged children, so maybe this contest will be of interest to you all. Be the Change! Share the Story! challenges students in grades 1-12 across the United States and Canada to create and document their social and environmental projects on film. Besides helping to make a difference in the global community, winning schools will receive over $200,000 in cash and educational resources.

Directly from the website:
"The Be the Change! Share the Story! school video contest invites student teams to choose and execute a social or environmental project of their choice and document their progress in a couple of short videos that will be uploaded on Quantum Shift TV between September 2007 and March 2008."

"This is a chance for students to make a difference in their communities while learning valuable lessons in social studies, sciences, and the arts. For teachers & educational professionals, the contest offers a project-based tool that fits into their existing curriculum. Inspired by schools already doing this, we decided to create a contest to connect schools in the United States and Canada and create a global community where students can connect with other students and learn more about the social and environmental work being done by people their own age."

If you are interested, definitely check out the website. Looks like a great project for any school aged child.
I am just full of information today....next week is Take A Child Outside Week. It is an international program to help children connect with the outdoors. Plus, getting them outdoors gets them out of in front of the tv and burning off some energy. I know in Raleigh the NC Museum of Natural Sciences is hosting some activities, so check in your area for activities as well. One idea I saw on the site that I know Ashley would love to do is to take a piece of masking tape, make a bracelet with the sticky side out, and collect things on a hike to put on it such as leaves and sticks.
Tonight is Ashley's first soccer game...I only hope that she doesn't feel the need to hold her friend Ayden's hand the whole time like she did last week in practice. And yes, Ayden is a boy. We are in trouble for sure.


Happy Working Mom said...

Oooohhhh, I want soccer pics!!!

I was depressed because I realized that my daughter could have played both t-ball and soccer this year, but it has already started (I thought she had to be 5, but she could have done it at 4). I'm not telling her though...she'd be really mad at me!

Anonymous said...

Soccer pics are a must!! Especially if she and Ayden are holding hands.

3XMom said...

lol..that is so funny. My 3 yeard old hates boys. Well, doesn't hate them, but thinks they are significantly less interesting/important than girls. Whenever my 5 yo talks about boys in her class, my 3yo pipes up that she is going to marry Caroline when she gets big. Her teacher at one point told her she couldn't do that -- but I told her she ABSOLULTELY could, if she wanted to.

Heather said...

That is too cute that she's holding his hand at soccer...mine has started talking 'boyfriends' in pre-K. Ugh!!

Shari said...

I love the "little kids" soccer games. My daughter played for 5 or 6 seasons with my husband coaching, then he decided not to coach and that was her last season. Plus, she had to play with boys that last season and by that age they were getting a little rough on the girls. She's strictly about the softball now.

And YES! I worked for a crazy person.

Julie said...

what, no picture of the budding love?

frannie said...

good luck to Ashley on her soccer game!!!

wolfbaby said...

aww man shes starting early im hoping to avoid that for as long as possible the man will hit the roof when cookie gets interested in boys.. *sigh*

Pam said...

I can't wait to hear all about the game...the mental pics of Ashley and her friend holding hands is priceless! Good luck with the teenage years ;)

ChrisB said...

looking forward to hearing more about the soccer game!!

my4kids said...

Izzak and I spend a lot of time outdoors during our school days and I know the kids spend alot of time doing outdoor activities as well.

Too cute about Ashley holding hands! I want pics also!!

SJ said...

I'm so bummed that we didn't get Keven Jr. into soccer this year like I had hoped to.

The girls look cute!