Friday, October 26, 2007

The last days...

The Plan Yesterday: Magic Kingdom all day, dinner at Fort Wilderness for Mickey's Backyard BBQ.

What actually happened:
We were up and at Magic Kingdom by 9:30am. And we stayed until about 4:00pm. We pretty much just did whatever and let Ashley pick what rides she wanted to go on. We did catch the 3:00pm parade as around 2:30 we were in a prime spot to park the stroller with a front row seat to see the parade. Audrey was napping, so the rest of us had ice cream and funnel cake while we waited. As soon as the parade started, Audrey woke up. We happened to stand next to a couple that lives in Celebration, FL, the Disney Town. They retired to Orlando and she works at Disney, and they love it. They actually moved from Richmond, VA, so Ray asked them if they missed the seasons, and they said that it actually snows every night in the town square in Celebration.

We headed back to the hotel to rest for a few minutes and get the tickets for the show. We attempted to get a very tired Ashley to rest, but instead we just ended up leaving early and driving to Celebration so that Ashley could catch a little nap.

Dinner was at Fort Wilderness which is a camping and RV park, as well as cabins to rent. It was wild. People had decorated their RVs and campsites for Halloween. It was pretty cool.

Mickey's Backyard BBQ was kind of stressful. You sit at picnic tables, and the characters come out and dance to country music with the kids. It was kind of chaos on the dance floor, and Audrey did not understand that Mickey wasn't going to give her attention. In fact, Mickey was kind of pissy. Minnie did take Audrey's hand at one point, but I tried to get Mickey to just wave to Audrey and he wouldn't. We left the show a little early as the music was really loud and after however many days we had done already, it was too much. Definitely not something to do at the end of your trip.

The Good:
Spending the day at Magic Kingdom, just taking our time.

The Bad:
The not so nice Mickey at dinner.

Today, the last day!!

The Plan:
Get up, check out, go to MGM to see Dan Zanes in concert, go to Downtown Disney, drive home.

What actually happened:
We kind all slept in as Audrey and Ashley were both up in the middle of the night. So it was a mad rush to get packed and at MGM by 9:00am so we could get tickets for the 10:00am show. Ray actually ended up dropping me and the kids off and then going back to finish packing. He met up with us right as the show was starting.

And Dan Zanes was AWESOME. Great show, I think I actually enjoyed it more than the kids. Ashley danced, Audrey got up with the kids to dance, but didn't actually dance, but she had fun. She did melt down at the end, so by the time we got to the car after the show, we decided to ditch Downtown Disney (that and Ray saw how much was charged to the room, hehe) and head home. We left Orlando about 11:15am, stopped at a Chick-fil-a for lunch, and just got done at a Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. It's about 7:00pm and we are going all the way home tonight. We are hoping to be there by 11:00pm....

Audrey has peed through every diaper we have put on her the last 5 times (yes, that means we need to go up in size, and she has had some pretty weird outfits on the past two days...). I have her in an overnight diaper right now, I dare her to pee through that one!

Happy Birthday to my good friend SJ...and of course the link thing isn't workng right now....but Happy Birthday!

I will catch up with everyone's blogs next week, I promise!


Pam said...

Glad it was a great time...although tiring time. I hope that when you get home you can spend the rest of the weekend recovering and getting back on "schedule". Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!

Pamela said...

Well how disappointing was that to have a cranky Micky.

I've sure enjoyed your trip

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice trip. Even with the pissy Mickey!!

SJ said...

What a rockin' good time you guys had! Sounds like a well planned vacation, and you made the most of it!

Thanks for the birthday wishes....

Can't wait to see photos. You do have photos, right?

Lost A Sock said...

I've wondered how your trip has been going! Glad all is well, even with that Mickey. Going to play catch-up on your entries!

frannie said...

so glad it was successful trip--- when we go in early '09, I will be hitting you up for some tips and tricks!

and Mickey should not be allowed to be grouchy!!!! BOOOOO!

my4kids said...

Come on over I left you and award on my blog.

Heather J said...

Sounds like fun! And what's that cranky Mickey crap all about? You know, I bet it's because goofy kept saying the wrong magic word at the Mickey Mouse Club House today. That's enough to make even the cheeriest mouse cranky. But seriously, that Mickey should be fired. People pay too much money fo that to happen.

Scribbit said...

"Not so nice Mickey" :) I'm sorry, but that cracked me up.

Daisy said...

You've created such wonderful memories! My daughter's best friend played a character at Disney for a year and a half. She loved it. I wish she's been "your" Mickey.