Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Softball or Baseball, I still love the game

The other day I was in the attic pulling stuff down to put in a garage sale and I came across my softball bag. In my former life, I played a ton of softball. When Ray and I first got married, I started playing coed slow pitch softball with a girl I worked with at my first job out of college. I had played fast pitch softball all throughout my youth; slow pitch was fun too.

Ray started traveling with his job, and I started playing more softball. In the heart of it, I was playing four nights a week, double headers all those nights. If there is one thing about me, it's that I am obsessive crazy passionate about certain things - my family, my friends, Virginia Tech, Disney, and back then, softball.

I played coed and on an all women's team. I also ended up coaching the women's team for a while. I hit a home run in a coed game once; I turned a couple of double plays, made amazing stops at first base from crazy throws from softball crazy guys; I was nailed in the head with a wayward throw while running to first base. I played in 100 degree weather and 30 degree weather. I played in tournaments that lasted all day and played against some really mean people. I played on a team that didn't win a game all season, and played on a team that won all of its games. I coached the all star team for our women's division. I had a $300 bat that made all the difference in my hitting.

Once I got pregnant, I stopped playing. I tried to play again after having Ashley, and it just wasn't the same. I was afraid of the ball, I just wasn't the same. There are some days I miss it; I miss the smell of my glove and the feel of a good solid hit coming off of my bat. I miss getting dirty, I miss being silly in the dugout while waiting to bat.

It's like this every year at Major League Baseball playoff time...I watch the games and know what it's like to really love the game like these guys do. Okay, so maybe not really that much, but you get my drift. And then I beg Ray to promise to play catch with me sometime soon.


3XMom said...

Maybe when the girls get older, you'll be able to coach them! Then you'll get some new memories to go with the old!

Edie C said...

Dave is the same way. He played slow pitch and fast pitch softball two or three nights a week after we got married, prior to having Hayden. He loved it. He was a baseball star as a child and in highschool. So, he has really fond memories as well.

Me, on the other hand? I hate the game... too scared of the ball smacking in me in the face! :)

frannie said...

I love baseball.

I go to Braves camp every year. I even went 91/2 months pregnant one year.

this year I went and it was the first time I had left my son. and I haven't left him since.

Anonymous said...

I played softball for 4 years. Liked it, but don't miss it.

I like the first comment--coach the girls when they get older. New memories to mingle with the old :)

Happy Working Mom said...

I was totally addicted to softball up through college. After that, I never found a team to play on. But I was a die-hard fan of the game, just like you.

My parents put me in rec softball when I was 10. I had never played, and they put their worst players in the catcher position. After a bunch of practices and games, and hours spent with my dad, I was the best catcher out there...I actually got people out and caught foul balls! After that first year I was in love with the sport...I played slow pitch until I was old enough for fast pitch, and then I played in high school once I got there.

Wow, you just brought back a lot of memories for me. I was so upset when I found out that my daughter could have played t-ball this past year and I had no idea. But next year, she will definitely play!!

wolfbaby said...

thats how i feel about gymnastics, i was never in compatetition and i was never great but i loved doing it anyways... i was sore and achy but i loved it and i miss it terrribly.

SJ said...

I would totally play catch with you! I remember very well your love of softball...I loved to play too and miss it so much. I always think I have time to sing up for a co-ed team but man, who am I kidding! Hopefully my kids will play so I can get invovled (and in shape!) again.

Ahhh, the memories.

Pam said...

It is great to have something like that....sounds like my husband. He played on a league in VA when we lived in MD....yeah, drove just to play! When we moved back to PA, he played summer and fall ball....it was more fun for both of us before kids. Now I don't get to watch the games because I am watching my kids running around or hoping they won't get nailed with the ball. Hang in there...your girls will soon want to play catch with you!

Daisy said...

Ah, the winds of October. You must enjoy the playoffs and the excitement that goes with the whole postseason! You certainly understand it better than most. I enjoy watching; I have no talent for athletics, so I envy you.

That Chick Over There said...

HUGE softball fan! Played in junior high and high school. :)

Pinks & Blues said...

Oh I love this post!! I have 3 boys... and my oldest 2 (who are 2 and 3) love to play baseball in the backyard. My girlfriends can't get over how I just love the game... on tv, at the field or simply in the backyard. I love throwing the ball. Hitting it.. And even running in heels to make my boys laugh!!
Plus, I'm a HUGE Red Sox fan... and our house is rocking right now for next week!!
- Audrey
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my4kids said...

I love baseball and I used to play with the boys in the neighborhood growing up. Never was on a team in high school though. The only organized sport I ever played was gymnastics at the time baseball was a hobby I played at home.

Rachel said...

I played for 7 years and loved every single minute of it. I miss playing sooo much. Maybe one day I will have the time again.