Sunday, December 23, 2007

Back at home...

We are back in NC...tired, a little sickly, and with a TON of stuff (thanks Grandparents and family!).

A few things we learned....

Audrey is not interested in opening presents at all. Ashley would be more than happy to open hers, Audrey's, and your Aunt Mildred's presents if you like. It doesn't matter whose presents she opens, she just wants to open presents.

Audrey has some nasty cough thing. Ashley and I had it first, but it seemed to come and go a lot quicker with us...I forsee a visit to whatever doctor I can find open tomorrow...oh, and I know you guys will be surprised, but it would not be a trip without Audrey throwing up. She coughed so much at one point, we just knew she was going to hurl. We kept it mostly contained on a paper plate. I think Ray and I would win the Olympic sport "Throw-Up Catching".

And with this cough thing came no sleep whatsoever. But as I am too tired to even complain about that, I won't bore you with the non-sleeping details.

But we are back, in our home, ready to celebrate Christmas...are you?


Pam said...

Well, I least you are home. Ashlyn ran a fever all day yesterday, so unless by some miracle (it is Christmas after all!) she wakes up without it, I see us heading to some doctor as well (I don't even know who is open!) Ashlyn and Ashley are too alike! Ashlyn has been more than happy to open all Riley's presents as well (and play with them for him!)

Hope everyone is well soon!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Sucks about the cough thing--Urgent Care should be open. I love that the one thing I'm talked about being good at is my ability to catch puke :)

Send Ashley here to open presents--I don't think Morgan's going to care.

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about the sickness! Glad you are home now though - hope you didn't have to drive home in that awful rain yesterday!

We learned last night at a party that Emily LOVES to open presents. She doesn't really care what is in them, but she loves to open them.

SJ said...

Oh man! Sorry to hear that Audrey is sick, I hope she perks up for Santa's visit! Hopefully you get her cough under control, throwing up even phlem is nasty!

Glad you made it home safe - get some relaxing in before tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!

CPA Mom said...

Tigger is just like Ashley. He "helped" everyone open presents.

Is Audrey o.k???