Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm at work, and it SUCKS

Yes, I am at work today. Totally sucks. I am trying to salvage what little leave I get, so that means working this week. I am going to sneak out of here early as Mom and my Stepdad Ed are coming to celebrate Christmas this afternoon.

And yes, I scored a Wii for Ray for Christmas, and can I tell you how much fun that thing is??!! I got him the sports pack, and bowling and tennis are our favorite games. Seriously, my arm is sore this morning from playing tennis, and I accidentally somehow did the splits (don't ask) while playing last night as well, and my legs don't feel quite the same.

It also seems I am falling into Ray's Mom's tradition...she always, always loses a present she has purchased someone this year. This year, it was a present for Ashley. And what did I do? I totally forgot to give Ashley one of her "Santa" gifts. Oh well.

Santa did bring Ashley a Fashion Show play tent thing, complete with a runway with flashing lights (Target ROCKS). Ashley seems to think a fashion show involves some sort of singing and dancing. Her made up songs are hilarious, but what's more funny is Audrey trying to copy her sister. Pictures soon, I promise.


CPA Mom said...

I'm at work today too. And it does suck. For some reason, I feel like crying. HP and the kids are home all week and I'm here.

That Chick Over There said...

Boo! Work! BOO!!! :(

Hope you had a great Christmas all the same. The Wii is super fun, isn't it? :)

SJ said...

Wii's do sound fun! I just love saying the name!

And I forgot a present too - I bought a gift card for my dad and it never made it out of my wallet -OOPS.

Glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, what did YOU get?

Julie said...

I'm off this week but I would LOVE a day to sit still at a desk! Today is my "down day" - only one kid at home so trying to do laundry, etc to get the house back to pre-Christmas status (ie the normal mess!)

P.S. How did you get the wii?

Wendy said...

I was back at work also:( The kids I babysit were here so their parents could go shopping. BOO!! I may "call in" sick tomorrow. HEE!! Glad you had a nice day and I hope to be able to try out a Wii one of these days.

BS said...

Back to work tomorrow for me - might actually get a lot done because most will be off (including the bosses)

frannie said...

so sorry that you have to work today. that really sucks!

yea for the wii!!!

wolfbaby said...

the sing songs must be a thing at a certain age cookie loves doing that too