Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What do I have left to do?

This morning Ray and I met with Ashley's teacher for a parent-teacher conference. Back in September, they gave the kids in her Pre-K class a standardized test to check for kindergarten readiness and see what they could work on during this school year. Ashley scored well as she has been at this school and doing their curriculum since she was three.

Her teacher also showed us work she did in September and work she did just yesterday, and it is amazing how far her writing has come. She used to write an "S" backwards, and now she has it down.

We did share with the teacher some of the things Ashley tells us one certain boy in her class tells her. Like yesterday, this boy told her he was going to set her on fire and put her in jail. Nice.

Anyways, left on my to-do list for Christmas:
  1. Finish wrapping presents.
  2. Oops, finish buying presents (only about 4 more presents to buy...).
  3. Then finish wrapping presents.
  4. Bake cookies.
  5. Pack for our trip to VA on Thursday.
  6. Put together the Santa gifts.
  7. Grocery shop for Christmas Eve snacks and Christmas Day dinner.

It's not that bad. Only a few little things left to do. We leave on Thursday midday for Virginia and come home on Sunday to celebrate Christmas at our house. My kids think that Christmas lasts a few days as they always get to open presents on multiple days. This year, we will celebrate with my Dad and Stepmom's family on Saturday, then Ray's family on Sunday. My Mom and Stepdad will be here the day after Christmas to celebrate.

And prayers for my Mom and Stepdad, they are en route to Puerto Rico right now. My Stepdad is from there, and they found out his Mother passed away on Sunday. She was 93 years old and lived a good life.


Rachel said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that.

Um, set her on fire and put her in jail? WTF is wrong with THAT kid??? That's a serial killer in the making right there!

Anyway, yay for almost being finished with your list!!!

SJ said...

So sorry to hear that your stepdad's Mom passed away, I will be thinking about them and wishing safe travels.

And it sounds like you have everything all planned out! I'm almost done with my 'to do' list too! It's a nice feeling, isn't it?

ChrisB said...

My condolences to your to your step dad. It's always sad to lose a loved one but particularly so this close to Christmas.

Misty said...

:( I am so sorry to hear this...

My niece (7) was verbally threatened by a boy at school on Friday. he told her would stab her and rip her from "navel to nose". ugh...

what the heck is wrong with kids???

Your list sounds completely doable. you forgot to add "stand in line for insane amounts of time" however...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your step-Dad's mother. Very sad.

HELLO!?? Setting her on fire and putting her in jail?! What did the teacher say about that?!

Edie said...

So sorry to hear about your stepdad's mother. :( They are in my thoughts.

Pam said...

Ashlyn thinks Christmas is a multiday celebration as well! She keeps saying on Christmas I will open one present, then on Christmas again I will open one more present, etc. It if funny to hear! Glad we are not the only crazy busy family! (I'm a list person too, but right now, I am so frazzled since we had no internet, cable, or tv for 3 days that I can't even get a list going!)

frannie said...

so sorry to hear about your stepdad's mother. I hope that all is well with their trip.

Happy Working Mom said...

I have to finish buying presents too...and then wrap them!

Good luck getting it all done!

Julie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your stepdad's loss. Extra hard this time of year.

my4kids said...

I'm nearly done but not as far as I'd like to be.
I seem to like to cram all things Christmas into one day just to drive myself nuts.
Sounds like Ashley is doing great. That boy sounds like he seriously needs some talking to. Telling her that? Just wrong..

Melanie said...

Sorry to hear about your stepdads mom.

That's great how well Ashley is doing in school. I certainly hope the teacher has a little talk with that boys parents.