Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Business of Being Born Film

I was recently asked to pass on some information about a new film that's coming out called The Business of Being Born. And as I am sure it will with you, this film's synopsis evoked many feelings the whole birthing process in the United States. Both of my kids were born in the hospital and I thought and still think it was the best decision I made for their births. Also with both of my deliveries, Pitocin was administered and increased periodically through my labor (very long with Ashley, very short with Audrey).

But I know many people disagree with this, and I have seen way too many A Baby Story shows on TLC showing Moms giving birth in various locations - birth centers, at home, or in the hospital to make me wonder what it would have been like somewhere else.

In the film, Executive Producer Ricki Lake and Director Abby Epstein question the way American women have babies, and explore this fundamental question: should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potential medical emergency? The Business of Being Born makes a compelling argument for more humanistic approaches to birth.

Details on Film opening
NYC Opening: January 9-15 at the IFC Center. Call 212- 924-6789 or email hdew@ifccenter.com or katrainor@ifccenter.com for group discounts.
LA Opening: January 16 - 22 at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Contact: http://www.laemmle.com/group_sales.php for group discounts.
SF Opening: January 18-24 at the Roxie Cinema from January Call 415-431-3611 for group discounts.

The film will also be available on Netflix in February.


Rachel said...

I often wonder what it would be like to have maybe a water birth, but, for me, I would feel more comfortable at a hospital.

SJ said...

Sounds interesting. I'm going to check this out.

Steph said...

I thought I wanted a water birth with my first...until I realized that I couldn't do that AND have an epidural (how naive!). Anyway, I think I wil check this out as well...looks interesting!

3XMom said...

I am a big believer that everyone should have the kind of birth experience they think they want (not that any of us can control it - its kinda totally up to the baby). That said, I am a "the more medical help the better" kind of momma. I was induced with my first, endedup with a c-section after a short labor (7 hours) that was SUPER easy to recover from. I had 2 planned c-sections after that, and do NOT regret it for a single instant. I am so happy with my choice. But I also know several who were frustrated with their birthing experiences. I think its a very personal choice and people should be free to make that choice and not feel bad one way or the other.

lisa's chaos said...

Sounds pretty interesting. I think I sampled many ways with my four deliveries. I had a c-sect with the first, yet the third was born with a midwife. Interesing.