Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it really only Tuesday??

Seriously...it should at least be Thursday or at the very least, Wednesday...

Let's just say this week is not going well. And it's not just the Audrey issues, work sucks for lack of a better word.

But did Audrey sleep last night? Nope, nada, no way. Well, actually, she did sleep sort of okay, just the whole going to be thing was crappy.

But thank you to everyone for all of your suggestions, if I could try all of them all at once I would. What I think I will try is a combination of some of them, plus some other stuff that Ray read about online.

Which you know it's bad if Ray is searching for parenting tips online...seriously. He laughs at all my parenting magazines I get, but last night while I was attempting to get Satan-child to sleep, he was reading about Dr. Sears and Super Nanny.

Bottom line, Audrey wants to be held and loved and snuggled. She is one snuggly kid.

Just now her snuggling includes her wrapping her very hard cast arm around your head and periodically nailing you with it.


Rachel said...

Hopefully you will find some combination that works for Audrey! Hopefully soon.

Misty said...

i feel like it should be thursday too... Ugh

frannie said...

I feel for you-- I have the same problems with Drama... he wants to be touching me with both hands and both feet all night long.

and he pulls out the little hairs at the nape of my neck in his sleep.

and scratches me.

and pokes me.

and kicks me.

SJ said...

Oh you guys.....I feel so bad for you both. Sleep is so important. You guys need some.

I hope you find a solution that works soon.

Pam said...

I hope you all get sleep soon! What do you mean it isn't Thursday? yikes!

Steph said...

Yes, you know it's bad when Dad is out looking for tips! :) Good luck...I hope you find something that works!

Happy Working Mom said...

I hope you guys figure it out and get some sleep!

Beccy said...

Hoefully you'll get a decent nights sleep soon.

my4kids said...

Hope things get better with her sleeping.
Those casts hurt!