Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year....New Randomness

Just a reminder, on Thursday everyone should be wearing Nike shoes just like these that Audrey got for Christmas from Ray's parents...Hokie colors!

And if you were lucky enough to be entered into the world of Webkinz this Christmas, let's hope the website gets a little faster. Trying to explain to Ashley every time we got on the computer why it was so damn slow was so damn annoying.
And thankfully, my family room no longer looks like this. And really unfortunately, the rug is gone as well. Too many stains from humans and dogs (our lovely Tootles tootled one too many times on the rug) to keep this rug anymore. I like the all hardwood look, it's just the rug buffered the very loud children I have.
And my new kitchen table...I am in love.
So there, a few random pictures from the past week. I am not happy to go back to work tomorrow, but I am happy to be getting back to a schedule. Ashley has been begging to go back to school, and tonight she was so cooked from over a week of no naps, that she was in bed at 6:30pm, a new record for her.

I have a few lame resolutions for this year....same old, same old get organized, get caught up on to do lists, make new to do lists...that I won't bore you with them. But hopefully this year will see me finish my Master's Degree and change careers. And it will see my oldest child start kindergarten and don't even get me started on that or I start to cry.

And I am already crying since Audrey turns 2 on the 18th...where did my baby go??


That Chick Over There said...

We got the Webkinz too this year. Boy Child got a gorilla ("Harry") and Girl Child got the Reindeer ("Amy"). On Christmas day the website was SO flooded. Crazy!

I go back to work tomorrow too, and I'm not really looking forward to it, but the schedule will be nice. I've worn my pj's all day long and don't even care.

BS said...

Unfortunately, Babies do grow up ! Looks like you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year.

Amy said...

My son got a webkinz too. Some times we can't even get on the site b/c it is so flooded.

My oldest starts kindergarten in the fall too. When I got the registration papers, all I could do was cry. It is unbelievable how fast they grow up.

bermudabluez said...

Love your new table!! Happy New Year!!

EC said...

That is the table I wanted!!!! But it was too big, but I love it in your house - and the shoes are fabulous!!!

SJ said...

Okay, so both my boys got Reindeer Webkinz, and well - I never really did anything with them. They just think they are cool stuffed animals to have around. Is that bad of me?

Love the new table, it's awesome.

And a very Happy New Year to you as well. I have 'some' resolutions that are old, and some that are new. We'll see how I do.

What's Thursday?

frannie said...

those shoes are the best!!!

How cute!!!

Happy Working Mom said...

I love the kitchen table!!!

My daughter got a new webkinz and we started the online thing finally (she's had her other one for almost a year!). It is slow! And my daughter has no idea how to manage kinzcash! Apparently a bathtub and bathing suit are more important than food :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new table!!

Morgan will be two on the 7th and I? Am SO struggling with that :(

Pam said...

Great pictures... as always! ;) I had to go back to work today and I was not ready either - blah! I'm glad for the schedule, just not the working and leaving the kids.

oh yeah - I love the new table! And, Audrey will be 2?! Wow! Time is flying by here!

Nina Diane said...

oh yeah...can't wait until tomorrow night. GO HOKIES!!

dawn224 said...

I love your table too!

dawn224 said...

(um. what is a webkin?)

my4kids said...

I saw the webkinz but didn't get any this year. I didn't want another reason to fight my kids off the computer!

Your house is cute!

Rachel said...

Apparently Audrey went the same place Alyssa did. Sniffle.