Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get Away

I think I need a vacation or even just a little weekend getaway. Winter, work, school seems to be dragging me down.

And Ray just threw his computer out the window. I know he hates hearing me say that (or reading it), knowing we have a week vacation planned in September. That and we don't know if coming next month we will be paying two mortgages or one. So I understand to a point.

And I don't like being cold. And I really don't like winter. Even the mild one we have had here in North Carolina.

And even more of my problem is not getting enough sleep. I have been staying up too late and getting up with Audrey in the night, sometimes once, sometimes multiple times. We are currently working on getting her to go to sleep at night without us laying down on her floor (really bad thing we were doine, we know). We have been at it all week, and I think it's working. Unfortunately for us, though, it's not a quick fix. Monday night I spent 2 hours walking her back to her room after she would leave it. If we shut the door to the point she can't open it, she cries and cries to the point she throws up. And I am afraid a gate at her door would just lead to another broken arm. So for now, I am getting my exercise walking up and down the hall. The positive is that at least I can watch tv in my room, unlike when we were spending time in her room with her trying to get her to go to sleep. Last night was the quickest, she was asleep by 9:15pm with only a few times of her leaving her room. But she decided at around 3:30 am to wake up and want to go downstairs. I finally got back in bed at 5:00am.

And I don't like things being undecided or unfinished. We will find out on March 14th if Ashley gets into the magnet school we applied for. On top of that, we don't know if she doesn't get in there, what track she is on for her elementary school. So her start date could be anywhere in July or the end of August. So much for planning anything in the summer.

Is it Friday yet?


Anonymous said...

A weekend getaway may be all you need to recharge right now. I'd tell you to come here, but it's COLD here.

Sorry you're struggling with Audrey's sleep issues. I can't even imagine what that's like. Wish I had some advice, but I don't. Tequila, maybe? For you. Not her.

Hang in there--it'll be okay!!

Sabrina said...

You have the winter blues :(

I'm sorry Audrey's still having sleeping issues. They suck. Seriously.

Take care lady, ping me if you need anything.

Julie said...

I feel the same way about needing a vacation. I'm actually trying to plan one to FL to see some relatives in April. Even though it's 2 months out it's something to look forward to. How about taking a 1/2 day spa day somewhere - to relax and chill. Maybe would feel like a vacay?

Sounds like you are making some headway with the sleep issues though!

CPA Mom said...

I think we've all got the winter blahs. And with getting up at 4:15 every day I'm just as tired. I know that doesn't help YOU but I understand.

We should run away together to Tahiti. Or even California. Somewhere sunny.

Lori said...

That is tough. Is there someway you could do something fun this weekend? an overnight in a hotel, drinks in a bar, something out of the ordinary? It might help

Good luck with adjusting her sleep routine... it will be sooooo worth it in the long run

Jennifer said...

Are you signed up for the Oprah book club live web event? I started a Twitter for people who Twitter and are also doing the event.
So I got contacted by the group doing online marketing for Oprah and ekhart Tolle, I have no idea what they want yet. You have to be in my book club, I hope they do a show flying us all in to meet for the first time! That would be a great vacation! Of course it's still cold in Chicago. Everyone is welcome to join up too!

Jennifer said...

WOW! I will be the offical Oprah/Tolle Twitter listed on the Oprah Website. Come join me ( Jippy)

Pam said...

I could use a weekend away too! I am actually glad to read this post since I just did a grumpy day post not too long ago! I really need spring to come.

I'm sorry to hear about your struggles with Audrey's sleep. I hope that it gets better soon!

BoufMom9 said...

ok, so you seriously should meet up with me in VA Beach!!!!
(although, guess what it did last night here???? SNOW!!!!! I about died! I left NJ for a vacation in this!?!)

bermudabluez said...

You got alot going on girl! I remember all the sleep a single was tough. Maybe you could squeeze in a quick getaway / weekend?? I hear ya on the winter blues...

Pamela said...

"don't want to be an accountant anymore."

I think everyone goes through that.

My daughter and I were talking about having a job that made you excited to get up every morning - and you couldn't wait to get there.

I suppose that would even get old! Ha.

Steph said...

I need that weekend getaway too. Sometimes school is the one extra that just throws me over the edge. Good news is that my class just ended and I have a reprieve for a few weeks before I start in again.

Let's meet up for a *warm* getaway!!!

my4kids said...

Sorry things are difficult right now....I would hate the not knowing part on the schools that would just drive me nuts!
Hope your able to get Audrey to sleep better soon. I would hate that I turesly love my sleep.

SJ said...

I could use a get away as well - and I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures just as much. Winter blah's for sure, I just want to get out of the damn house and do something!

Hang in there with Audrey and the sleep issue, it has got to improve. Talk to her pediatrician. And as always, I'll keep researching too.

frannie said...

you poor dear! I know how the winter blues go!