Monday, March 24, 2008

A bunch of randomness, just like you like it...

Turns out, Ashley also has puking problems just like Audrey. Where Audrey cries so hard she throws up, Ashley eats to many sweets, and gets sick. This has happened twice in the past week (and yes, the second time was on Easter, good fun). She eats too many sweets and her stomach decides it no longer wants the sugar in her stomach. She even got shaky yesterday when trying to throw up. So she is on detox and not allowed anything sugary for a week. After that, we will obviously limit her candy intact.

Myrtle Beach was great. The weather was fabulous, the kids had a great time. We wish my parents had been there, but we did get to see my Stepdad for a few hours on Sunday before we headed home. When we go, we stay at their house. My Mom and Stepdad have an apartment in Arlington, VA and are waiting for my Mom to retire so that they can permanently move to Myrtle. I will post some pictures on Friday.

Ray has some sort of stomach thing right now and is at home. You know it's bad when he asks me to send emails out for him. He is normally very connected to his computer. Now he is very connected to the toilet bowl.

We have since found out why we did not get into the magnet school. It is not a true lottery as I first get in based on certain criteria of your base school like percentage of capacity. There is a woman who blogs about it (see how important blogs are???) and posted all the details on her site. We will apply for a transfer and see where that gets us. In the meantime, we received our track assignment for our base school. Ashley will start kindergarten on July 7th, two weeks before turning 5.

And I almost forgot...I had my first (and probably only) famous blogger sighting this weekend. We were at Myrtle Beach State park and had gone to the playground. Prior to moving to NC, I had been reading A Trixie Update, a blogger who blogged about his daughter and who at the time lived in Durham. He was written about in either Parents or Parenting magazine, which is how I discovered him. Well, lo and behold, there he and his daughter were at the playground. He was super nice even if I was somewhat psycho about it all. He doesn't keep his blog updated much anymore, but he said he would check mine out (Hi Ben!!).

It's a new week, I just finished a pretty intensive class and have a week off until my next class starts, and this is the weather forecast. Bring on spring, I am in desperate need of some good weather...


Julie said...

low 70s sound WONDERFUL.

the easter bunny limited the candy around here this year. we don't throw up from it but just a lot of "can I have candy? can I have candy?!"

at least you have a better understand of the magnet school process now AND have a plan in place for Kindergarten! july 7th starting school seems to odd to me but of course we're not a year round county/state.

Happy Working Mom said...

Poor Ashley :(

I'm really jealous of your beautiful weather. I can't even imagine it being that warm...we're in the 40's, and if we're lucky, the 50's this week.

Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Poor Ashley and her sugar OD. And? Poor Ray!!

Seriously? I SO want your weather!! We're having tons of sun, but a breeze that makes the mid-40 temps seem like mid-30's :)

pinks & blues girls said...

How cool that you had a famous blogger encounter! Who would've thunk it - a whole new form of celebrity!

Hope everyone in your family is feeling better soon!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Pam said...

that weather looks wonderful...I wish we were having that weather.

Sorry to hear about all the throw up in your house right now...yuk!

Rachel said...

That looks like our forecast, only on different days! I am so ready for Spring.

I am glad you had a great weekend! You deserved it!

Can I have Ashley's candy?

Jaki said...

I really think that you need to check out my most recent blog picture from Easter to see the weather by me if you want to talk about NEEDING spring!!

SJ said...

It's a new week for sure...I'm with you on that one! And look at those temperatures!

We had TONS of candy over the weekend but luckily no throwing up. Although I was close to it at one point! I hope Ray gets well soon and I hope you get your transfer!

Here's to a *good* week.

BoufMom9 said...

WOW! I REALLY wish those temps were heading my way. We are still pretty low here in NJ. :(
Sorry about all the upset tummies in your house, but glad you still had a nice holiday!

bermudabluez said...

Great looking forecast! We were in the teens here last night and pretty much 30's for the next several days. I cannot wait for spring!