Thursday, April 10, 2008

LiceMD® Information

You may recalling reading about my neighbor's daughter who comes over on Wednesday nights for tutoring and how she had lice. Since then, she has had a couple more occurences of lice. Her Mom was having to use home made products to try and get rid of them. Her daughter is prone to seizures, and she didn't want to use products with pesticides directly on her head as no one knows what the impact of that would be to a child like that. It may cause more seizures, it may not.

I was selected from Mom Central to get a sample and review LiceMD®'s new product for head lice. LiceMD® is a real alternative to pesticide lice treatments and is pediatrician tested and clinically proven to eliminate lice, eggs, and nits (I had no idea what nits are, so go here). Finally a product that works and is pesticide free. Plus the site provides tons of information, stuff I had no idea about like:
- 6 to 12 million cases of head lice are reported each year
- head lice is the second commom most conidition among children, right after the common cold
- lice infestation is not due to poor hygiene

You can also get a $1.00 off coupon on the site as well as information on where to buy it. If you are unfortunate to have your child get head lice, this product is getting great reviews. And yes, I will be passing on my sample to my neighbor.

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Pamela said...

I was lucky (and I went to a very small school) -- and my daughters never brought home lice either.
HOWEVER, when my youngest was about 16 she babysat and discovered the 8 year old girl had head lice.
We learned ALL about it then. It was horrid. (my hair was short and I escaped once more)

My brother in law was a school teacher -and he said that the cleaner a childs hair-- the easier it is for the lice to transfer. Maybe that was just his opinion -