Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where we expected her to be

Yesterday was Ashley's first parent/teacher conference. Academically, she is exactly where I expected her to be. But as we all know, her behavior is less than stellar. Her teacher said if Ashley could just learn to whisper, she would get in trouble much less.

I talk loud, always have, always will. And unfortunately, so does Ashley. She gets in trouble at school for talking at lunch, talking in the bathroom, talking in class. Her teacher said there are plenty of other kids that talk to, but she always can pick out Ashley's voice because she talks the loudest.

We often joke with her we are going to take a vocal cord out. If we could only find a "Teach Your Child To Whisper" camp, we would. We signed her up for cheerleading with hopes that she would get all of her loudness out there. We will just have to continue to work with her at home to lower her voice and whisper.


Happy Working Mom said...

If I had to choose between being on target academically or behaviorally for my child, I'd definitely pick academically. I know it's more difficult for you, but at least she will probably learn/grow out of the behavior issues...and she'll still be a smart little girl!

Julie said...

I bet she'll learn to quiet her voice once she figures out she's getting in trouble b/c she is being heard.

Lori said...

glad to hear she is doing well academically (that is the purpose of school... some teachers forget that I think!)

sounds like you need to play the quiet game, or have whisper dinner time or whisper in the car time or something like that

SJ said...

I think she'll eventually put two and two together and soften her voice some - or maybe not - maybe she wants to be heard!? Or maybe she's just like her mother :) :)

I'm a loud one as well, but for some reason both of my kids are quiet.


commom nom said...

My kids call my mother Noisy Grandma . . . the apple doesn't fall far from the tree . . . my Dude was in trouble the first 3 months of school last year for talking. Princess is having the same issues. Dude figured it out, so will Princess.

Besides, at some point, I'm REALLY going to with they'd talk more and tell me everything . . . so I encourage them to behave in class, but ultimately, talking is not the worst thing they can do :-)

Ashley will do fine . . . she just needs to figure it out . . . and it sounds like her teacher needs to give her a break.

giants fan said...

Poor Ashley! The squeaky wheel gets the grease- er, um, the punishment.

Jennifer said...

LOL! I used to get in trouble for talking at school too! I still have my kindergarten report card. I had only one negative comment and it was regarding disturbing the class by talking :) I grew out of it eventually!

ktjrdn said...

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