Thursday, September 04, 2008

My child is SO not wearing that...

I frequent a Subway for lunch in downtown Raleigh. Others who frequent this same Subway are the students of an adjacent high school.

And today made me very, very afraid to be raising girls.

When I walked in, I was behind about 7 others, all high school girls. Two of which were wearing dresses I would KILL my girls if they even attempted to wear. Not only were they short, but they lacked coverage over the boobs. And yes, I knew they were students because of the backpacks and what they were discussing. They were joined by other girls wearing shorts and t-shirts, so obviously someone missed the memo on either dressing like they were going clubbing or dressing like they were going to high school.

The other really, really annoying thing about the whole experience was the cell phones. ALL of them were on phones and two of them had to be asked multiple times what they wanted on their sandwiches because they were too busy talking on their cell phones. One even snapped back at the Subway employee.

If it is one thing I want to teach my kids, it is respect of those around you. Oh, and not dress appropriately.

Man, do I feel old after writing this....


Lori said...

doesn't the HS have some kind of dress code???

any way... I too hate it when people talk on the phone in those situations... come on you are holding up the world here

Julie said...

HA, I feel old today too. You should check out my post! YOu can feel old along with me!

melanie said...

I think I'm old too (I'm 30). But, I also think I was raised differently. I was taught not to dress like that and to be respectful of those around me. No one is teaching that to teenagers anymore.

CPA Mom said...

I don't think we're old, I think we were raised correctly and a lot of kids these days are not - their parents are too concerned about being their friends instead of their parents.

I love that my children will be in a uniform from age 5 to age 18. No whore clothes for MY daughter!

It's sad too that places of business have to have signs up now that say "TURN OFF YOUR PHONE BEFORE YOU REACH THE COUNTER." Uh, Hello cell phone users? Common decency??? Just because they are making sandwiches doesn't mean they aren't worthy of your respect!


Our Moments said...

I know you meant:
"Oh, and not dress [IN]appropriately."

Yeah, we are going to have to do some serious talking with the girls when they get this age. It really freaks me out.

giants fan said...

I wholeheartedly agree!!!

and when did Halloween turn into "dress like a skanky slut" day???

stewbie2 said...

Every time I see a HS girl, I am thinking, "Oh, HELL NO." I cannot believe what they can get away with wearing. For one, how can they wear that in HS; isn't there a dress code?? And two: HOW THE HELL ARE THEIR PARENTS LETTING THEM GET OUT OF THE HOUSE LIKE THAT?!

I always tell my girls: "Look...see her? See how she's dressed? Can you believe she wore that to school???" No one should look like a skank at 15 years of age. Seriously.

common mom said...

Oh man I SOOOO hear you! We crossed over the other side of the clothing aisle and I didn't like what I saw. And cell phones . . . we're trying like crazy to teach our kids etiquette . . . and restaurants in general . . . when the waitress/waiter comes, you put your crayons down and look them in the eye.

So I'm totally feelin' old with you today!

Daisy said...

Dress code -- i've had to enforce a dress code at elementary. 11 yr olds wearing shorts that are too short, showing cleavage? We nip it in the bud. Their parents have to bring clothes or they have to wear the "extras" we keep in the office.

Leann I Am said...

I am so with you on this! I have THREE GIRLS, my oldest is 12. She just started the 7th grade and I am appalled by the way that some of the girls at her school dress. Fortunately, (for now, anyway!) she is pretty upset about it, too.

I think Bermuda shorts should be here to stay, don't you?

Pamela said...

it seems the more we have tried to free the female sex from being an object.... the more the young ones attempt to be one.

I think I'm getting old.

(ps. The clerks at the counter should just be allowed to say "next" when someone is using a cell phone.
It certainly is a disease - cell addiction)