Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Allergies

Audrey shows signs throughout the spring and the fall of seasonal allergies. Runny nose, itching eyes, the whole ball of wax. When she was one, her pediatrician put her on Zyrtec and Flovent to circumvent her asthma relating to the allergies. The other signs of allergies she has shown have been the random hives that have appeared on her face. It was particularly bad when we were in Disney in September. She had a bite of banana, and her whole face broke out in hives. We gave her Benadryl, and they went away.

So I thought I would have her allergy tested to see exactly what was going on. Ray is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and other random fruits (including bananas).

Yea, she's allergic to nothing.

They did four environmental boards on her back, none of them showed any signs of allergies. They also did peanuts and bananas, and those were negative as well. It was explained to me that she can still have seasonal allergies and pollen and ragweed and such can still irritate her and cause those allergy symptoms. So we are keeping her on Zyrtec for now with a suggestion by the doctor to try a nasal spray.

As far as the hives, since it has been kind of random when she has gotten them, the doctor seemed to think she might be allergic to a preservative or additive in a food. She prescribed an epi-pen just as a precaution (and I hope I never have to use it - have you seen the needle on that thing???!!!).

So we really didn't get any specific answers, but Audrey was great throughout the whole testing ordeal.


Sabrina said...

Food allergies are the worst things to be tested for. They never show up. There's a test that you can do to see if you are allergic to a certain type of food. After you've eaten it, feel your heart beat to see if it's increased in the amount of beats. if it has, you're probably allergic to the food. There's also a very expensive test called a sylvia or something test that's for food allergies and is more sensitive. Good luck!

Lori said...

well... no answer is still an answer

SJ said...

Well at least you know she's not allergic to nuts..that's a big one as far as I'm concerned!!

And yes, I have seen an epi-pen and the needle inside, I actually got quite acquainted with them unfortunately! At least you have one handy in case something goes horribly wrong. And really DON'T be afraid to use it.

Isaac has a lot of the same symptoms as Audrey, and he was given a nasal spray as well (as needed) And it does help. Hopefully things will get better for her (and you!) - GOOD LUCK.

stewbie2 said...

Jenna is allergic to tree nuts; we found this out when she was 3 and went into anaphylactic shock after eating a cookie with almond paste in it. Yes, we have an epi-pen, and YES, that damn needle is huge. Clairey has seasonal allergies, and is on a liquid and a spray.

AndreAnna said...

Sorry to hear you didnt get more concrete answers. It must be so frustrating!

CPA Mom said...

If they only did the skin testing, you need to go back for the blood work. The skin testing is really best for seasonal - we just redid the blood work for Tigger - it's best for food allergies - and found out his peanut allergy is WORSE but he has outgrown the cinnamon allergy.

Nasonex is a wonder drug for seasonal allergies - it just takes a few days to build up for it to work. Zyrtec is like the mop cleaning up the spill. Nasonex stops the spill from happening in the first place. (we use both per our allergist on both kids)

Some allergies (that show up as hives and runny nose etc.) but are hard to find on testing because they are so specific - what kind of fabric softener/detergent are you using on her clothes? I just switched fabric softener and found out the hard way that my husband is allergic to it!

Finally, join FAAN if you haven't already for Ray. Lots of great books to read to the kids (and their classmates!) and lots of great resources. You know I'm here for anything too!!

Kellie said...

Lovely. It's good, on one hand, that she's not allergic to anything, but frustrating on the other because WHY?! WHY the runny nose and itchy eyes and whatever else.

I've seen the epi pens. Can't say I loved it. But, I'm a sissy and don't like needles.


bermudabluez said...

I've been through all those tests myself and actually am allergic to many, many things. I have to wonder though....if docs today are prescribing too many drugs for the little ones. But that's just my opinion. I'm so glad your little one is feeling better!!

ktjrdn said...

We did the allergy testing with Ally too. Nothing. Then WHY does she get runny or stopped up so much during allergy season? urgh. I feel your frustration.

Pamela said...

When I get stressed I am allergic to everything.

I wonder if we should all be taught calming techniques and meditation ha.