Monday, December 29, 2008

Back home again....

According to Ashley, Christmas is now officially over. After spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my Mom and Stepdad and my brother and his wife, we traveled to Virginia to do it all over again with Ray's parents and my Dad and Stepmom.

But nothing would say Christmas without throwing in a few extras we weren't prepared for. Ray's Grandfather on his Mom's side was married twice - his first wife, not Ray's Grandmother, died the day after Christmas. Get it? I am still confused by Ray's family sometimes. I can never remember who is cousin and who is an aunt or what. So Ray attended the wake on Sunday night for that.

And my maternal Grandmother was transferred from the hospital to a nursing home, so we spent some time with her on Sunday as well. She smoked a ton for a lot of her life, but she is doing okay considering she isn't on oxygen. She didn't know me when I was there, and often confused where she was, but I think visiting her lifted her spirit for the day.

We are back. I am off work until Friday, so the girls and I are going to spend tomorrow unpacking and getting things together while Ray works. I am hoping since Ray is working through New Year's, I will get a chance to sneak away one night and go see Twilight. Ray got me the book for Christmas, and I literally could not put it down. I finished it Sunday, and now I really want to see the movie.


Lori said...

enjoy your week home with the girls

Laura said...

Sounds like a busy - and emotinal time - all great trips and holiday celebrations are even sweeter when you return to relax! Wishing you all the best in the new year!

Kellie said...

Sorry about your Grandmother. My paternal Gram is in the end stages of Alzheimer's and has been in a nursing home for 8 years. She never knows who I am. While that makes me sad, her spirits are always high and that eases the sadness a bit for me.

Enjoy the rest of the week home with the girls!

giants fan said...

I started reading it Christmas night... I was done in 24 hours.

Same with the second. I am now having phone conversations about it with my 12 yr. old cousin. LOL!

We are planning the Disney trip... Feb 8- 15... it's not too late for you to go!!!!!!

SJ said...

If I lived closer to you I'd go see Twilight with you! I want to see it too....I'm almost done with book #3 and have loved every minute of reading!

I'm sorry to hear about the death in Ray's family, and I hope your Grandma gets better soon!

I think I agree with your girls, Christmas IS officially over. I'm relieved and sad all at the same time. Have a good week!

Daisy said...

Enjoy your time with your girls. I hope it's relaxing; the travel sounds anything but.