Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cool products and cool links

Here is my weekly cool products and links for this week:

1. The Shoulder Pillow - I can't tell you how this would have helped me on my trips to Disney where inevitably Audrey fell asleep in our arms while standing in line for a ride. Or how it would have helped me when Ashley would only take a nap on some days by me holding her. This would make a perfect shower gift.
2. Meeting Mr. Wrong - I should have posted about this a really long time ago. This book is by this fabulous author. A great, funny, good read. Add it to your book club reading list. Add it to your vacation reading list. Just add it. And then, you should read her blog. Go buy her book.

3. Two great websites for elementary school aged kids - Starfall.com and Softschools.com. They were recommended by my daughter's teacher and are great for reading and math skills. And if your kid likes playing on the computer (as well as your iPhone) as much as mine do, these are great additions.


SJ said...

I'm checking out your school websites for sure, Keven Jr. is really into computer games these days...

Loved that book! And the pillow looks worth a try.

That Chick Over There said...

Thanks for the love g-frond!

I'm so looking forward to meeting you in Greenville! :)