Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Right now, I am sitting in a hotel room, laptop in my lap, watching Lost.

Luxury, I have it.

Okay, not really luxury. I am in some sort of smelly hotel in Boone, NC. The television is kind of crappy, and I am too lazy to get up and plug my computer in and I am pretty sure I will lose battery soon.

But still. I got to eat dinner without taking Audrey to the bathroom because she is at that stage where two minutes into dinner she decides she needs to go potty. I didn't have to battle with baths, bedtimes.

But then again, I didn't get to read the girls book, I didn't get to smell them after their baths. I didn't get to give them a goodnight kiss.

So yea, this may be luxury in that I get a bed to myself without a dog and a certain 3 year old showing up around 4:00am, but I miss my family. And I am happy I get to go home tomorrow.

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Mrs. Ca said...

Ah, the bittersweetness of travel away from the kids. I've only done it once so far, and I woke up at the same times that the baby usually woke up, so I barely got more sleep. It was nice to stretch out and read in peace and quiet, though. Hope you have a relaxing night!