Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Confessions of a Working Mom Part Whatever

Audrey wet the bed in the middle of the night the other night (she has only does this a handful of times, no idea why she does it) and instead of actually finding clean sheets to put on her bed, I let her come to bed with Ray and I.

And speaking of sheets, no one uses a top sheet in our house. Except the guest bed. Top sheets are pretty useless in my opion.

I don't fold the girls pj's or match their socks when I fold their clothes. They get put (okay, thrown) in a drawer and get matched when it is time to wear them. Yes, completely lazy on my part but again, what's the point of folding them when half the time Ashley is looking for a specific pj and will destroy the drawer anyway.

The girls watch tv while eating their breakfast most mornings just so that I can get everything packed up and the dog walked.

Chocolate is a great bargaining tool to get the kids up and moving in the morning.


Laura said...

Confessions...um, no, read page 479 of the parenting handbook - most of those are listed as perfectly acceptable strategies. I LIVE by my manual - it is the bible...what do you mean you do not have one?????!!!!!

Leslie said...

(Just blog-hopped my way over here.) We barely make the pj/play clothes distinction for my one-year-old, who frequently goes to bed in his clothes / wakes up in his clothes, depending on how one looks at it. :)

SJ said...

I could put together a list that was a mile long of all my 'motherly shortcomings'.

Don't you worry girl, you aren't alone!