Thursday, April 30, 2009


So today is Ashley's final parent-teacher conference as a kindergartner. I am amazed at how much her reading has taken off these past few months, and she just this week finished her rainbow words at school. They were groups of words, given in color order of the rainbow, that she had to learn how to spell. Yes, in kindergarten. The first few sets were pretty easy - she, he, said - they meant to be words that didn't necessarily follow the english language rules, but where sight words.

Then they got harder - where, were, eight, quick, quack. But she did it.

So I am not expecting anything "bad" for her learning. I am sure there will be something said about her behavior as even this week she has been on yellow twice.

And I am still in shock that on July 7th she will be starting 1st grade (year round schools). Complete shock. She keeps telling Ray and I that when she is in 1st grade, she will walk to the bus stop by herself, and Ray and I just give each other that look - you know, the "over my dead body are you walking to the bus stop by yourself" look. And its not that it wouldn't be safe. I fully expect to be walking Ashley to the bus stop when she's in college, you know, just to make sure she makes it to her classes and all.

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SJ said...

I can't believe that our school year is coming to a close as well (5/22). It all went by so fast! I was just telling Keven Jr. last night that his days as a kindergardner were almost over and that 1st grade was going to be so much different. I am amazed at how much he's learned in such a short time.

What are we going to do Amy when our SECOND BORNS go to school!?!?