Thursday, June 25, 2009

I can sew

I break out my sewing machine every so often. Like when I am tired of Ashley's patches falling off with that iron on tape stuff.

Or when I want to finish my curtains I started like a year ago. And actually, these have been hanging for a few weeks, it just took that long for me to actually take pictures of them.

These were actually not that hard to make. And don't worry, they are not without their mistakes. Just don't look too closely.


Sabrina said...

Awesome curtains! Come make mine!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the curtains! Seriously loving them!!

SJ said...

I love the curtains! You'll have to share the pattern/instructions with me - I could use something like that in my house!

SC said...

I love the curtains... they accent those beautiful windows so nicely! They look super fancy too... like they were not easy at all! Bravo!