Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Terrible Three's

I don't believe in the Terrible Two's. They don't exist in my house.

It's the three's.

I had a good friend tell me once the halves are worse than the wholes. Meaning, 3 1/2 would be much worse than 3.

And how freaking true in my house.

Audrey has been a little bit of a pill lately. When she wants something, she screams. I mean really screams. I am attempting to talk to her in a calm voice to get her to stop. Sometimes it works, other times people look at me like I have three heads.

Like at Walmart last night. I mistakenly went past the display for the fruit snacks. Stupid on my part. We refuse to buy those baby-crack items anymore since when we have them in our house, that's all Audrey wants. So of course she saw them and wanted them. And started to cry. Really, really loud.

I just kept pushing the cart telling her she could pick out another snack - how about some Goldfish? Crackers? Cheetos? (Yes, I realize the nutritional value in Cheetos is probably much worse than fruit snacks, but still).

She started to calm down. I explained to her how to ask nicely if she wanted something, not to scream.

And then I went into the ice cream aisle. I think I left my brain at home for this Walmart run. But they had ice cream things like Dippin' Dots for $1, so I let both the girls get one. After asking nicely, and not in the whiny, crying way that Audrey had been speaking in, they both got some ice cream and were happy.


Martha said...

I can't imagine how hard it must be to deal with a screaming kid in a public place, especially when people can be so judgy. My hat is off to you for keeping your cool.

Anonymous said...

The 3 1/2's SUCK in my house! Terrible Twos my a$$!! Seriously.

Morgan's fits range from not wanting to take a bath to not wanting to eat what she originally asked for to the sun not shining (seriously).


Pamela said...

I'm trying to remember what I did with my kids.

I know that my mom just said no, and then if we even flinched she gave us "the face." It was scary.

SC said...

I am so not looking forward to that phase. But it sounds like you handled it like a pro. My little guy is just starting to object when I take a 'toy' (aka the remote) away from him - I have visions of his full out tantrums when he is two and three - and I am SCARED!

Lost A Sock said...

I am SO GLAD to read this. Three and a half is awful, as was one and a half. Two was fine for us, as well. My phrase as of late? Oh Jackson, please turn four. I so mean it.

AMIT said...

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