Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I promise

I promise to post pictures of Ashley's new thing, the "ghost" I took a picture of in Savannah. I promise to sometime this week. First, I have to get back in some sort of routine. Heck, I haven't even unpacked my bag. I fished out my toiletries and that was about it. I didn't even have dinner planned last night (we got $5 pizzas from Dominos) and we have no milk in our house. I had all intentions of going to Walmart last night, but there were storms (yes, a really good excuse to not leave the house) and Ray went to watch a football game with friends. I don't have dinner planned tonight either (GAH! I am slacking on the planning skills this week) and I am thinking we do like we did one week in August. Live out of the pantry and only pick up milk at the store. That will save $75.

Another thing we will be saving money on here shortly is Ray's car payment. He is selling his blue Honda Civic (seriously, did that car come in any other color?) and his business is purchasing a Jeep Wrangler for him. Funny that I write it like that since Ray is the business owner so really Ray is buying a Jeep for himself, but it just isn't coming out of our checkbook. See how that works? Goodbye $400/month car payment, hello a Jeep that Ray has wanted since I made him get rid of his when Ashley was born.

And the Jeep color? Hokie Maroon. Okay, really it's just Maroon, but we are saying it is Hokie colors. Hopefully we will have it by Saturday when we take the girls to their very first college football game. Virginia Tech is playing a high school team, I mean Duke, here in Raleigh, and we get to go. The girls are very excited.

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