Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Look what started...

So last weekend started cheerleading for Ashley. She did it last year, but last year, it wasn't this intense. Meaning we only cheered at the fifth quarter last year (at the start of the 6-8 year old game, the Mini-Mites, they let the boys who never played before do 10 plays on offense and 10 plays on defense) which was about 20 minutes.

This year? She cheered for almost 2 hours. 4 quarters of 8 minutes each seem to take a really long time. In which Audrey did a lot of this:
But despite being out there so long, she still loves it.

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SJ said...

Being a Mom to a cheerleader must be so much fun! And I can tell that Ashley really enjoys it! Just wait till Audrey wants to join in!