Thursday, September 10, 2009

New side bar

I have added over on my side bar the races I am registered for or am considering. I am definitely doing the Hollyfest 5k for a couple of reasons. One, it is in my town and two, it is the weekend before the half marathon. Per my training schedule, I am supposed to do 5 miles that day, but I figure running a 5k will be okay. I could even just add a few miles at the end of the race.

And then there's the half at the beginning of November, and then our tradition for Thanksgiving is the Myrtle Beach Turkey Trot. It is a great race, and this year Ashley wants to do the 1 mile fun run. I haven't registered yet as I am toying with the idea of doing the 8k race, but something about just doing the 5k would be okay with me.

The others on the list are races I want to do, but not signed up for. I am thinking that once I run this half marathon in November I will want to do more, and the next best one is the one in February in Myrtle. I have read great things about the race (good course, etc.) that makes me want to do it. I just really don't want to train in the cold.

Tomorrow I am going to tackle my long run for the week per my training - 6 miles. Last week's 5 miles was relatively easy (but not fast), so hopefully I can pick up the pace (keep it at a 10 minute mile the entire time) and not die.

And this is where my computer times ends for the evening as a certain 3 year old keeps calling my name and the dog is snoring. So much for researching races.

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SJ said...

I really, really, really want to start training and doing races...I think it'll help me get into shape and keep me active..

Keep up all your hard work!