Friday, October 23, 2009

I've lost 10 years of my life, oh, and Happy Birthday Ray

Today is Ray's 34th birthday (yes, we are four days apart), but since he doesn't read my blog, no need to go into a sappy happy birthday post.

In other news, Audrey decided at the bus stop this morning to walk out into the street in front of a car. And that's when 10 years of my life came right off. We all screamed (me and the other moms at the bus stop), and luckily it was one of our neighbors and I think he saw her about to do it. She was across the street from the bus stop in the van watching TV as she has been doing the past few days. Then I guess she got a wild hair up her butt and decided to not only open the van door by herself, but to run across the street without looking.

She will be the death of me.

So her and I cried all the way to Harris Teeter, where I needed coffee (I don't know what Ray's problem was, not making coffee on his birthday) and I promised her a cookie. And then they didn't have any free cookies made, so she got a donut from Starbucks instead. I think it scared her enough, and I grilled her enough that she understands. I also told her teachers' at school about it because they are talking about safety all month, and maybe they could reinforce it some more. Oh, and she will no longer be allowed to sit in the van at the bus stop anymore.

And after that fiasco, I headed to the dealership to get the tires filled with nitrogen. We have a Town & Country van, and the tires have that NitroFill. I don't honestly know the benefits, but I do know that I had to drop $100 there this morning for various things. It's never fun going to the dealership for repairs of any kind.

Here's to hoping my Friday gets a little better from here on out. At least I have the leftover donut from Audrey this morning to eat with my lunch...

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SJ said...

Happy belated Birthday to Ray! And for what it's worth, I wished him a Happy Birthday on his Facebook page ;)

I've had my kids run out into the street into the path of an oncoming car....I know the feeling.

Glad she was okay! Glad your neighbor was paying attention!