Friday, October 30, 2009


So Ashley still has a cough, which is going on 2 weeks now (or longer, I really forget). When I called the doctor last week, they said if she wasn't better (cough-wise) by Friday, bring her back in.

So Ray is there now with her, and I get this email from him:
Not the mask you expected on Halloween! I guess they are worried she still has the flu?

But back to last night - getting Ashley to take medicine. She battled me for almost 2 hours to take her medicine. I don't even want to remember last night; it was that bad.

And if the doctor prescribes something for her cough today? We are so screwed.

UPDATED: Ashley has pneumonia....


Terri said...

YUCK! Hope she is feeling better soon. Seems to be going around!

Jaki said...

Oh no...I hope she is better soon...since she is on to pnemonia now I am sure the doctor has given more medicine...but for future...I'm not sure if you have ever tried cough strips...that helps Jeremy's cough really good and it is like the listerine mint strips that melt on your toung...she might be more willing to do that...musinex also has cough and cold that is like pixie sticks...I know...too late for now but thought I would mention it.

Kellie said...

Ugh. Poor kid!

(Poor you, too!)

Morgan started with a cough and all that at the beginning of October. I chalked it up to change of seasons and her allergies. The cough is lingering and I'm now berating myself for not taking her in sooner.

I clearly am an awesome Mom :(

Happy Working Mom said...

Ugghh! I hope she feels better really soon! And I hope it's not so much of a fight to give her medicine so she can get better.

SJ said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear she has pneumonia, that stinks for everyone involved.

Hope she gets well soon!