Friday, October 02, 2009

Proof that I am okay

A couple of things have thwarted my running this week. I was a little off of my training schedule from last week since I did my long run last week on Thursday instead of Saturday. I ran a recovery run on Friday in Savannah, but didn't attempt to run again until this past Wednesday. I was supposed to do 4 miles twice this week (Tuesday/Thursday) and 9 miles on Saturday. I couldn't do it Tuesday, but Wednesday I went to the gym after not eating dinner until late and consuming enough jalapenos for dinner to kill a small cat. So the run on Wednesday on the treadmill was only 1.5 miles before I almost died. Not only did I have indigestion issues, but I felt the beginnings of a wonderful head cold.

Lovely. A head cold. Which I still sort of have, but I don't feel that bad. Worse at night and while sitting at my desk at work, but not bad enough to take anything.

So last night, my friend Wendy came over to run with me. And she about kicked my ass, but we did 4 miles in 38 minutes and 34 seconds. That kicks ass because that means we did sub-10 minute miles. Even after not really running for a week and a head cold. By no means can I keep that up for 13.1 miles, but do to it for 4 totally rocks. I am sort of getting this running thing. Sort of.

And yes, the mammogram was okay as well. Definitely not pleasant having your boob squished into a pancake, but the verdict was just a benign breast condition as expected.

Tomorrow is our scheduled 9 miler. I want to get it done early so that we can tailgate for the Duke/VT game (although Ray is hesitant to tailgate with the girls, thinking they might get bored) and my friend Wendy has to work. So at 6:30am, we will be leaving her house to run a 4.5 mile loop twice. I invested in a ear cover headband thing yesterday because it has been getting down into the 50s at night and I am a complete wuss. I admit it. When my ears are cold, I am miserable. And Ray invested in some foot contraption thing he found at CVS that will hopefully get him back to running as well.


Laura said...

You are doing amazing...keep it up! You should feel proud...


Working Mom said...

You go, girl! I admire your commitment!

As far as the boobie news - woohoo! If men were told that their balls were going to be squeezed the same way until they came up with a new, more comfortable mammo machine design, we'd probably have one PDQ!