Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Things that bother me more than they should

Ashley has a "field trip" on Thursday and by "field trip" I mean they are walking across the street from their school to a Lowes Food for a few hours. I signed up to chaperon the field trip as I try to help out as much as I can. I hadn't heard anything about it, and last night at book club, another Mom that has a daughter in Ashley's class said she was not chosen to chaperon since she volunteers in the class each week. I volunteer in Ashley's class on a monthly basis for their character education (basically, I go read a book to the class, but I get to interact with the class which is fun).

So I emailed Ashley's teacher this morning to see about the field trip, and she responded that I am not chaperoning. She is only taking 2 parents with her on the field trip, and since I volunteer in the class, I was not chosen. Now I have to tell Ashley that I won't be chaperoning, which she will understand, but still. Sucks.

Tomorrow is our monthly staff meeting at work. These meetings last about 2 hours and can drag on (what staff meeting doesn't?). In an effort to make it more entertaining I suppose, one of the vice presidents suggested a hat game, so we all drew names at the last meeting and are supposed to bring a hat for that person to wear at tomorrow's meeting. But in typical office politics fashion, I guess some individuals are upset about wearing a hat, so now we don't have to wear them, but just set them in front of us. Crazy.


Working Mom said...

So if you didn't hear about the non-chaperones from this other mother, didn't contact the teacher to follow up, and just showed up tomorrow, what was the teacher going to do?

Can't stand the lack of communication from the school and/or teacher who constantly talk about how they need volunteers. That's how you get people NOT to volunteer!

Forget the hats - play Meeting Bingo!

SJ said...

I'd be annoyed for sure about the chaperone situation, if someone is willing to volunteer their time, what does it hurt to have them join in on the fun.