Monday, October 26, 2009

Who the heck knows what everyone has

Ashley is sick as in flu-sick. She went to bed Saturday night complaining of a headache, and woke up a few hours later to a fever and vomiting. Not really what I wanted to do on a Saturday night.

And this morning? She still has a fever, although she hasn't vomited again. She ate all meals yesterday and was fine. She complains intermittently about her stomach hurting, but I think that's the Motrin we are giving.

And speaking of medicine - DEAR GOD, give me a six year old that will take medicine. Audrey? Shoots back anything we give her. Ashley? It is a fight every.single.time.

So Ray is at home with her today. Our assumption is that Audrey will get it at some point, and I will stay home with her. Ray can still work with Ashley, she isn't as needy. Although I did call to check up on them a few minutes ago, and they were playing Mario Kart on the Wii.

So what does she have is the big question - Seasonal flu? Swine flu? Who the hell knows. Unless you have severe symptoms, you aren't being tested. Neighbors and friends who have had kids with the same thing as Ashley and have taken their kids to the doctors or clinics are being told it's the swine flu. Ashley was vaccinated for the seasonal, but that was less than 2 weeks ago. In my head, I am hoping what she has is indeed the swine flu and we can be over and done with it. But it sucks. I hate seeing kids sick, mine or anyone else's. Neither of my kids have had the flu before, so this is new territory. And I hope it is over quickly.


Laura said...

Yeeks - sending lots of healthy vibes to you all. YUK! Hang in there!

SJ said...

Man I hope it's not the Swine Flu! But like you said, if it is it's good to have it done and over with.

Although I didn't think the Swine Flu was a 'vomitting' flu?

Who the hell knows. I just hope she gets well soon and the rest of your family escapes the sickness.

Jen said...

Hi Amy,

We have 27 kids out of our lower school(out of 187) and our nurse just emailed parents saying if it is a fever and flu like symptoms, assume it is the swine flu (according to Howard County public health). I think you are right to be glad to have it over with! I hope Ashley is feeling better soon!

Jaki said...

Jeremy is home sick today too with a 103 fever when not under the effects of motrin...when he has the motrin in him he is his usual happy snappy self. His started this morning...but he has no other complaints except he has a runny nose and occasional cough...I called the doctor and they say to only worry and bring him in is he starts having trouble breathing....I did hear that the are calling all illnesses with flu like symptoms the swine flu as the "regular" flu season hasn't "officaially" started....but I agree with what you said...who cares what they call it...sick is sick and is sucks when your kids are sick! I hope we are all healthy soon! At least your home..I'm traveling on business Monday-Thursday so he is home with daddy and I have to listen to him on the phone say..."Mommy, I miss you, I want you to come home now..." SUCKS!