Wednesday, December 02, 2009

T-Minus 3 days and counting...

We leave for Disney on Saturday morning, about 2:00am. Yes, many think we are nuts, but it works for us. We would rather drive some where the kids are sleeping then deal with them for 10 hours in the van with them awake. Ray will drive the first shift while I sleep, and then we will switch. It worked out well last time, so hopefully it will this time too.

I have had a few ask me if I am going to run while in Disney. Um, per doctor's orders no. Yes, I went to a sports medicine doctor on Monday for my constant knee pain. Despite the fast Turkey Trot I ran, I had knee pain the entire time, and then pretty significant pain after the race.

After some examination and x-rays, my meniscus in my left knee is significantly more worn down then the one in my right. I saw a physical therapist, and she gave me strength training exercises to do. I am under orders to not run for 2 weeks, and then ease it back in. Which is just in time to start training for the Myrtle Beach Half marathon on February 13th. I will definitely start doing more strength training for my obviously wussy legs. So no running in Disney, which is fine because I think the walking we will be doing will be plenty!

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Robin said...

Hi Amy,

On your way to Disney this weekend? You'll be in our neighborhood! Hope you have a great time... and yes, you'll do LOTS of walking!! So sorry to hear about your knee. That's a bummer.

Wanted to thank you for stopping by the turtles blog today! Not sure if you've been reading a while or stumbled upon me... haven't asked anyone to 'reveal' themselves yet in a giveaway or anything. LOL

That's great to hear you'll be running the Disney Princess 1/2 also... based on the knee, it sounds like! If you do, please keep an eye out on my blog for a get-together in the works before Sunday's race. More info to follow as we get closer!

Take care and thanks again for stopping by!