Friday, January 15, 2010

Character Education

Once a month, I go into Ashley's classroom and teach a character trait. This year, I read books relating to the trait and talk about them.

I went to her classroom yesterday, and I actually had to do December and January since she was tracked out of school all of December (and the whole school board voting to end mandatory year round schools, don't even get me started....). December was kindness, January was very appropriately self-discipline.

The book was about a girl named Sophie who got angry and ran away from home to deal with her anger (which I reminded the kids MULTIPLE TIMES not to run away from home if they get angry!!). We discussed different ways to deal with anger, and I told the kids everyone gets angry.

Which one kid promptly spoke up and said, "Even God gets angry."

Um, sure.


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Pamela said...

So I take it you don't like that school schedule?

My grandkids have that in California. Well, the eldest one doesn't, and the younger ones do. A mess.

Character Education said...

hmmm children are so innocent. thanks for sharing a cute incident.