Friday, January 29, 2010

If only I had an infinite supply of $40 dollar bills

This morning was probably my next to last physical therapy appointment. Not only is my knee doing much better (not 100%, but almost there), I have more flexibility in my hamstrings than I have ever had and my core is getting stronger. I would love to go see this guy every week, but considering it's $40 every time I go, that's not going to happen.

I will go again right before the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon on February 13th. He gave me a few more stretches to do between now and then to get me in as best shape as possible to run the whole thing.

And speaking of running, tomorrow we are supposed to be hit with something - snow/rain/freezing rain/sleet - who knows. Regardless, this wimpy girl refuses to run in that. So my only option is the dreadmill at the gym which is GOING TO SUCK to run 9 miles on that. I can barely make it 3 miles on it without getting absolutely bored. I might need vodka in my water bottle instead of water. Just kidding!! Sort of....

I did get some miles in outside this week. It was cool enough were I could run on my lunch hour outside and not really sweat (I use the term "not really" really, really loosely). I went to a local park that has a 2 mile loop on it and got 3 miles in twice this week. I love running outside, and I felt pretty good both times.

I am going to shut my office door now at work and do the "no snow" dance because we all know how much I hate that stuff. Feel free to join me if you want.


Anonymous said...

Sucks when we find something that helps us and we can't continue it because of the cost.

I would get bored on the treadmill, too. Watching the tv each individual one had made it easier. Somewhat.

Pamela said...

Being bored while exercising is like torture.