Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today feels like Friday, but unfortunately its not.

I completely fell off the running wagon last week, and finally got back into it Tuesday. What helped was changing it up some, and hitting a local greenway for a mid-week long-ish run yesterday. Anything was better than running in my town again. Ray and I are signing up for the Outer Banks Half Marathon on November 14th again. Ray is actually going to the ortho doc today for his knee pain, so maybe this year he can actually run it.

I am very, very happy with the winner of Idol. Call me a horrible person, I really don't care, but I couldn't get past Crystal's dreads and dreadful outfits. And I am still in denial that Lost is over. I want them to produce another series finale.

Tonight is meet the teacher for Ashley. She has only 8 days of school left, then starts second grade on July 9th. Yes, second grade. When the HELL did that happen?? Between Ashley and Audrey growing up to damn fast, recitals, friends moving, and other drama on my street that leaves me sleepless more nights than not, I am going to be a mess for the next few weeks. Luckily we are heading to the beach this weekend, and I can leave all the my stresses behind.


Martha said...

I didn't watch Idol this year but I did see a clip online of him singing his first single after he won and it was awful, I was definitely wondering if that was REALLY the guy that won. But then I went and looked at some of the other videos and he actually is quite good! Just the overwhelming emotions of that moment I guess!

SJ said...

I watched Idol and was happy with the end result, I really liked Crystal through the season but then she started to annoy me. She's good, no doubt about it I just was rooting for Lee in the end. And he did it! I hope they both do really well - which I'm sure they will.

Have fun at the beach! Happy Memorial Day.