Thursday, June 03, 2010


I really like hot weather and am kind of a wimp in cold weather. And by cold, I mean anything below 70 degrees. So knowing this you would think I would embrace running in the heat.

But of course it's not the heat that gets me, it's the humidity. I was dying on my morning run yesterday. It felt like I couldn't get a deep breath in and like I was cutting through the air. Not fun. I got a little over 4 miles in and called it quits. I think for my longish run on Saturday morning, I will have to get up before 6am to get it done.

Ray had his first physical therapy appointment today. He over-extends or hyper-extends his knee (I can't remember which), and he needs to strengthen his quad muscles. Which he needs to do soon because I just signed him and I up for the Outer Banks Half Marathon on November 14th.

Who's in with us??


Ann said...

I am supposed to be doing the full (eeek!). What distance are you running this weekend? I have 7.5 miles on my schedule. I won't be able to do my run until Sunday though. My husband is working on Saturday :(.

LMC said...

Mark and I ran this morning at 7:30am when it was already 78 degrees. We joked about starting our long run (12 miles) tomorrow at 1:00am! We were very close to signing up for the OBX marathon, but went with Richmond instead, same day. We ran the inaugural OBX marathon in 2006 and had lots of fun. Stayed at the White Doe Inn, great B&B in Manteo. Good luck to Ray with his PT!

SJ said...

I'm still trying to get into a running routine....but I'm not 1/2 marathon ready.

I still really do like your idea however of running races together in random places, I'm going to continue working hard to make that happen!

Gette said...

My husband is always in the running mood all the time. I can't get up early morning my body is too heavy :-)I should go and try running with him. He would be happy and surprise.