Monday, June 14, 2010

Running and Leaving

The end of last week we spent at the beach, and I had great intentions to get some miles in on a flat surface, much unlike Raleigh. Instead, I caught some bug and spent a good part of Thursday morning in the bathroom and decided running was probably not a good idea. I attempted to again that evening, but a storm hit us as we were heading home from taking the kids to a playground. Friday morning we wanted to spend as much time on the beach as we could since we were driving home at lunchtime, so no running then either.

But I did do the Race for the Cure on Saturday (check out LMC's Race Report). I signed up for the women's only race, which is not chip timed and follows the competitive race. The course is hilly, and it was hot, and due to some stomach troubles again (this time caused by me being a female and that's all I have to say about that), I finished the 5K in 29 minutes and some change, according to the clock at the finish line.

This week I hope to get some more miles in. Of course it is again a crazy week (I sound like a broken record lately) with Ashley's first swim meet tomorrow night and other random stuff.

And on leaving...on Sunday morning, our good friends/neighbors left to move back to Texas. We were able to hang out with them on Saturday night at our block party (which started at 4:00pm and the kids actually stayed up until 11:00pm). My other friend sent me a quote that was perfect:

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened ~ Dr. Seuss


SJ said...

Sorry that your friends are leaving, I know how hard that is. Hope you are feeling better!

LMC said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well on Saturday. I just don't run on those days because it is so uncomfortable and painful. So, kudos to you for sticking with it! I have picked up the "crazy week" bug with long work days and a trip to SC this weekend. Hopefully, we'll both get thru it! Love that quote, it's perfect!!