Monday, July 12, 2010

New Challenge

Now that school is back and we are back to a somewhat normal schedule and I have to get back into half marathon training again in the middle of August, I have decided to give myself a new challenge for the next 30 days - do freaking something exercise worthy everyday. And it is starting today. Luckily, I have the P90X Ab Ripper and Yoga DVDs, so on days I don't run or go to the gym, I plan on doing those. I will keep track of this here, just to make myself accountable.

I haven't run in a week. Last week was vacation and running around and then this weekend I was hit with a head cold. So I took the wimpy way out and didn't run. But I have conned my friend Wendy to run with me tonight.

We finally had a weekend where we had nothing planned. Well, Ashley did have a friend spend the night Friday night and she had swim team practice on Saturday, but that was it. I pretended I was Betty Crocker and actually made dinner ahead for tonight, made a crapton of pancakes and froze them, and did grocery shopping. I also made Ashley's birthday party invitations and got those out the door (made them with the computer and scrapbooking supplies I had on hand - free invitations rock)(I am taking Ashley and 9 of her friends to see the new Ramona and Beezus movie for her birthday). We hit the pool yesterday with friends and just relaxed. I think it was the weekend we all needed. Especially me. I had a not so good week last week for multiple reasons, so this weekend helped some.

Ashley had a great first day of school and loves her teacher. She has two weeks of swim team left and then she will have a few weeks break from activities until cheerleading starts mid August. Then dance starts in September for both girls, and Ray just signed Audrey up for soccer this morning. Which I think starts next month too. Add in Girl Scouts and piano lessons and Y Princesses, trips for both Ray and I in October and our 35th birthdays (which I am seriously having issues with even though I realize it isn't a big one like 4-0), I think our fall is all booked out. Oh, and a trip to Disney World in September when Ashley is tracked out of school. And a half marathon race in November. GAH! Typing that all out just made my head spin around....


Krissy said...

sheesh, reading all of that made my head spin. lol. sounds like you've got a busy, busy time ahead. good luck and don't forget to take some time for yourself in all your hustle and bustle. =)

SJ said...

I did a major refocus on my diet and exercise on Monday of this week myself. So far I'm three days in and .... doing well. I've gotta make it last!

Oh, and I even signed up to do a 5k later this year! GO ME.

Cindy said...

Wow, Sounds like you've got a busy, busy time ahead. good luck and don't forget to take some time for yourself, thanx for sharing.