Monday, August 09, 2010

The Countdown has begun....

And my training plan has even been tweaked for our upcoming annual trip to Disney World (I do plan on running while there). We are going the last week in September when Ashley is tracked out of school. I can't freaking wait. Neither can the kids; Audrey keeps mentioning things she wants to do in Disney World, and Ashley has money put aside already.

I need to finalize my spreadsheet for the trip and start a packing list. Yes, I am anal and I love spreadsheets and lists.

This trip will actually be a cheap-ish trip for us. We don't pay for our room (well, we paid for it years ago when we bought Disney timeshare), we have annual passes we purchased last December that are obviously still good, we still have some water park tickets from years ago, and we plan on packing our lunches again and eating in the room as much as possible (we packed lunches for the first time when we went in December, and it worked out great). Don't get me wrong, we have our traditional Chef Mickey's breakfast buffet planned as well as our first ever time to Le Cellier in Epcot to eat. I also plan on eating as much desserts as possible (bring on the Mickey shaped ice cream bars!). Whatever souvenirs the kids want they have to buy with their own money. Ashley has a Visa giftcard from her birthday she is saving and Audrey has some money in her piggy bank.

We also drive to Disney, normally leaving the Raleigh area around 2:00am putting us there before lunch. And yes, we might be crazy for this as well, but it works for us.

And here is our tally of times we have been to Disney:
Amy - 14 times
Ray - 10 times
Ashley - 7 times
Audrey - 4 times

Crazy? Possibly. We just love all that a Disney World vacation has to offer. I would go more than once a year if Ray (and our bank account) would let us. I am also excited about running while there. There is a great website for running in Disney here. And I know the next obvious question - when will I run an actual Disney marathon? There is actually one there the day after we leave this year, but we can't stay an extra day (its the new Disney Wine and Dine one). The Princess Half is the same month as the Austin Marathon I am doing, so that is out. I am hoping for 2012...

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