Friday, August 27, 2010


The bus came on time yesterday, go figure. Although I am pretty sure enough of us called/emailed/faxed or whatever yesterday to make sure that our kids didn't get home at 4:00pm again. We shall see what time the bus comes today.

First week of training, so far so good (sort of). I was supposed to do a tempo run on Monday, and I figured I would do it at the gym. It was supposed to be 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles at 9:43 pace, the 1 mile cool down. Using the treadmill conversion, that meant I was running the 3 miles at 6.4 which isn't too bad for me.

But 2.5 miles into it, I was done. I don't know if it was dinner, too much water, my stupid underwear riding up my butt the whole time or what, but I took the pace down and then only did 4 miles. I made up the other mile on Wednesday where I did 5 instead of 4. And it was a glorious 5 miles since it was actually only in the 70s and overcast for the run. I hadn't done one of those in months. And today was another 4 at lunch where it was about 90, but not as humid and I ran a shaded trail. 8 tomorrow to round out the week at 21 miles.

One week almost down, 11 to go until OBX.

Tonight is a jazz class for Ashley. Yes, we actually have an activity on a Friday night, but there was no way around it with her cheerleading schedule. And she really wanted to take a jazz class. And three of her friends are in it with her.

I realized this week that I have taken absolutely no photos of anything this month. Pretty pathetic. So my challenge for this weekend and next week is to take pictures. Audrey has a birthday party to go to tomorrow, and next week Ashley gets to cheer at the high school football game on Thursday night. So plenty of opportunities for pictures.

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judy said...

funny my most recent post is about photos of a sort as well....good job keeping those miles in!