Monday, November 22, 2010

14 Miles

There was no break last week from running even though I was slightly burned out. When I make it to the marathon on February 20th, I would have trained for 28 weeks. I think for a first time marathoner, I need this long training period but at this point, I am a little tired. Thankfully this week is a step back week of only 22 miles, with a long run of only 6 miles. Yipee!

But first was Saturday and my first distance beyond 13.1. I had 14 miles on the schedule, so I headed out to the American Tobacco Trail. I love and hate this trail. For starters, its not all paved. Most of the trail is crushed gravel and it starts to wear on my knees. Secondly, I swear the damn trail is uphill both ways. Not significantly uphill, more like a gradual incline, but still. I remember thinking running out my 7 miles that it wouldn't be that bad coming back since it felt like I was running uphill, but it was.

I ended up averaging 9:55 minutes per mile. If I could run 10:00 minute miles for the marathon, I would be ESTATIC. I realize that 14 miles is hell and gone from 26.2, but I was still happy with my performance.

This week is a 5K on Thanksgiving Day and Ashley is doing a mile run as well. Looking forward to running and eating on Thursday....


Sherry said...

Good luck at your upcoming race! 28 weeks of training ought to leave you well prepared!!!

LMC said...

Nice job on the 14 miler! This is a good week for low mileage, more time for eating.:) Happy Thanksgiving!!