Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Turbo Tax - Giveaway!

As most everyone knows, I am accountant by trade. I now work for Ray's company, Dream Living Realty as their accountant and office manager. Best decision ever by the way. As an accountant, most people assume I can do taxes. Um, yea, no. Yes, I took the required tax classes in college, but that's it.

At work, we use a great Intuit product, Quickbooks, to manage all the accounting for Dream Living Realty. Another great Intuit product this time of year? TurboTax.

TurboTax 2010 is the #1-rated, best-selling tax software from Intuit. Below are some highlights of what's new this year:

Greater Ease and Accuracy: Automatically transfer essential tax information from last year's return and from hundreds of thousands of employers and financial institutions. Instantly transfer data and simply confirm it's correct.

Customized Guidance and Recommendations: Unique GPS feature provides additional guidance and recommendations, based on each customer's individual tax situation. TurboTax recommends the deductions and credits that will help customers get their maximum refund.

Better, Faster Answers: Customers have easy ways to get answers to their questions, when and how they need them, including instant answers from other TurboTax users and tax experts online via the TurboTax Live Community.

And I have three (3) TurboTax online codes to file your taxes for free this year. The codes are redeemable at TurboTax.com and good for one free federal + state preparation and e-file with TurboTax Premier Online 2010. The codes are only valid through the 2010 tax season.

So if you want one, leave a comment. I will post the winners on Monday, March 7th. Good luck!


Amy C. said...


I get the same thing about taxes, and I agree, that Turbo Tax is the only way to go!

Glad to hear you are recovering from the marathon. Way to go!!!

Amy C.

Henria O. said...

I'd love one! Thank you for such a generous giveaway!
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

SJ said...

My taxes are done so don't include me. I just wanted to say that we love Turbo Tax.