Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day and Birthdays

Mother's Day weekend started off on Friday at Audrey's preschool where I enjoyed Muffins for Moms for the last time there. I am very happy not to be paying $1,000 a month for preschool and Audrey is ecstatic about not wearing uniforms any more, but it was sad to be the last event like that. She has been at that school since she was 4 months old, and what it really means is she is almost a kindergartner. Very scary.
So anyway, she had to answer some questions about me...see the picture.
And let me just clarify #7. It says my favorite thing to do for fun is to "have a party Friday nights". Which is partly true. Ashley and 3 other girls on our street have dance class Friday nights (which yes in fact that does suck and I will never sign up for a dance class on Friday night again). So while they are in dance, the rest of us get together for a happy hour of sorts. And since Audrey isn't in dance class, she hangs out with us.

In other exciting news, Ray got some new shoes. Specifically these:

Yes, he is going to try vibrams to see if that helps his knee pain. He spent all weekend walking around the house in them.
So I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to my Dad today!

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